For your existing 3500 Genetic Analyzer or 3730 Series Genetic Analyzer

Increase your throughput up to three times! Trade up your existing Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer for higher throughput—and save.

  • Trade up your 3500 for a 3500xl—increase from 8 to 24 capillaries
  • Trade up your 3730 or 3730xl for a Refreshed 3730xl (48 and 96 capillaries)

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 Upgrade my 3500 to a 3500xl
 Upgrade my 3730 to a Refreshed 3730xl
 Upgrade my 3730xl to a Refreshed 3730xl
 Core lab
 Diagnostic lab
 Environmental health
 Food testing
 Forensics / human identity
 Genome center
 Pathology lab
 Reference lab
 Research lab

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