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Draft agenda:
Date: 18 Jan 2015

99.360Vision and StrategyYeo Sho-wen
9.31030Financial ResultsCeline Bek
10.311.360Marketing CampaignEleen Goh
11.312.1545Winning Together: Lead with S5 and ChefTBC
12.1512.315Oncology NPITBC
13.314.1545Cell Analysis 2016Allen Na
14.151545Unleash your protein potentialBrandon Harris
1515.4545Best Practice by DistributorTBC
15.4516.1545Best Practice by DistributorTBC
16.151745Best Practice by DistributorTBC
1717.4545Best Practice by DistributorTBC
17.4518 ClosingYeo Sho-wen