Copper and other base metals

Optimize your process, reduce costs, and improve profitability

Improve recovery, lower costs, and achieve environmental compliance in your copper, nickel, lead, or zinc plant with Thermo Scientific samplers, analyzers, and bulk material handling products. Thermo Fisher Scientific has long been known for its industry leading representative slurry samplers and online analyzers which provide reliable, accurate data and critical input for metallurgical accounting and particle size analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific recently launched its market leading PGNAA analyzer, the CB Omni Fusion Online Elemental Analyzer, into the preconcentration stage, providing highly accurate data for grade monitoring control and ore sorting. This allows operators to optimize their process, realize significant savings, and improve profitability. Our analysis and metallurgical sampling systems can be configured for all plant sizes to meet technical constraints and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Featured products for processing copper and other base metals

The Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion Online Elemental Analyzer delivers consistent material quality, improves process efficiency, and minimizes production costs in a variety of process and mining operations: limestone, copper, iron ore, nickel, phosphate, cement production, iron ore sintering, and more.

The Thermo Scientific Particle Size Analyzer PSM-500, provides real time, in-stream particle analysis of up to three streams. Measuring up to nine particle size fractions simultaneously.

Get reliable, accurate, cost-effective elemental analysis of up to 12 slurry streams with the Thermo Scientific MSA-330 Multi-Stream Slurry XRF Analyzer. Each stream is kept in a separate analysis zone, ensuring no cross-contamination.

The Thermo Scientific GS Omni analyzer provides accurate, real-time elemental analysis of multiple slurry streams for both light and heavy elements. Using the Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) technique, the GS Omni has a distinct advantage over analyzers using X-ray Fluorescence by being able to measure elements lower than calcium on the periodic table.

Pressure Pipe Sampler

Thermo Scientific Pressure & Gravity Samplers are a simple, cost-effective alternative to produce a sample for a Multi-Stream Analyzer. The Thermo Scientific Pressure & Gravity Samplers are a cost-effective alternative to produce a continuous sample for elemental analysis.

DDG3 Digital Density Gauge

Accurately measure the density or percent solids of a liquid or slurry in a pipe for any application with the Thermo Scientific™ DDG3 Digital Density Gauge. Now with latest controller and communication protocols options, this non-intrusive, non-contact nuclear density gauge is suitable for high temperature, highly toxic or highly corrosive processes.

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Benefits of the in-stream analysis system

In-stream analysis (ISA) systems provide continuous on-line analysis of metals and density in slurry streams around the flotation process. This information allows plant operators or a process control system to fine-tune and optimize the process much quicker after normal disturbances caused by variations in feed-rates, pulp density, grinding, head-grade, and mineralogy. Adjustments to pulp levels, aeration rates, reagent flow-rates, etc. can then be made to continuously maximize the recovery while maintaining the concentrate grades within the required specification.  

Further benefit is derived from continuous, dedicated on-line elemental analysis by providing real-time indication of unplanned process upsets. Operators can react to such upsets immediately minimizing metal loses due to failure of reagent feeders or flotation cell level control valves or excessive recovery of gangue leading to high circulating loads in the cleaner circuit. The net result is a reduction in duration and magnitude of loss producing events in the minerals beneficiation operation leading to significant economic gains in terms of additional concentrate produced.

ISA systems are rugged, reliable, and requires minimal maintenance.  Economic benefits include:

  • Increases in recovery.
  • Decreases in reagent consumption.
  • Improved and/or more consistent concentrate grades.
  • Reductions in man-power requirements.
  • Greater efficiency of experimentation and innovation.

From mineral analysis to complete bulk weighing monitoring and sampling systems to informatics, enter the Mining Toolkit App and find the latest equipment and technology for your mining operations!

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Ore sorting includes sorting by grade, particle size and mineralogy across many different mineral processes. Bulk ore sorting by grade using the Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion delivers rapid online elemental analysis, with either PGNAA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis) or PFTNA (Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation). Due to the penetrative capability of PGNAA/PFTNA and specific analyzer design, the CB Omni Fusion is an ideal bulk ore sensing technology for continuous analysis of ore in base and precious metal applications.

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