Inert Vials and Inserts

Innovative glass technology. Unmatched performance.

Maximize your sample performance and have fewer failed assays with the Thermo Scientific Chromacol GOLD Grade Vials. These vials offer the most state-of-the-art technology in the industry for the analysis of critical analytes during low detection limit assays, and when sample quality, reproducibility, security, and integrity are of upmost importance.

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Increasingly sensitive chromatography and mass spectrometry systems demand reliable vials which can routinely deliver the ultimate in purity and the lowest surface activity possible. Sample security, and confidence in data integrity, are paramount in trace analysis and can only be achieved with the highest glass vial quality.

For this reason, we have introduced a higher grade of glass with the lowest levels of alkaline materials. You can maximize your analytical performance and have fewer failed assays with the Chromacol GOLD-Grade vials. These premium vials are manufactured in exacting conditions and at optimum surface-saving temperatures to ensure the maximum degree of inertness within the low-alkaline glass.

Increase productivity and save time.

  • Highest recovery rates, even with critical compounds (e.g., trisubstituted N-atoms, tertiary amines) in trace concentrations.
  • Peaks feature the same heights and symmetry and the highest reproducibility.

Achieve confidence in results.

  • Composed of 1st hydrolytic class, special 33 expansion glass, which meets current USP requirements for pharmacopeias.
  • Ultra-low adsorption surface for critical polar compounds, enabling ultra trace-level analysis of strongly adsorbing analytes.
  • The high-class standard in Europe and Asia for decades.
  • Ultra-low pH shift due to minimized surface activity.
  • Lowest alkaline content for fewer glass-wall interactions.

Reduce cost of analysis.

  • Stable analysis and higher reproducibility increase security and integrity of analytical results.
  • Can reduced amount of buffer used.
  • No risk of run-stops during overnight autosampler runs.
  • Lot-independent, optimal autosampler fit.

Chromacol GOLD-Grade vials and inserts

Inert Vial/Insert DescriptionProduct Number
8mm Crip-Top Vials 
0.1mL Crimp Top Round Bottom Vial – Clear, GOLD-Grade01-CVG
0.2mL Crimp Top Tapered Vial – Clear, GOLD-Grade02-CTVG
0.3mL Crimp Top Round Bottom Vial – Clear, GOLD-Grade03-CVG
2mL, 12x32 Standard Opening Screw-Thread Vials 
2mL Screw Top Vial – Clear, GOLD-Grade2-SVG
1.1mL Screw Top Tapered Vial – Clear, GOLD-Grade1.1-STVG
9mm Wide Opening, Screw-Thread Vials and Insert 
2mL Wide Mouth Screw SureStop GOLD-Grade Vial with Write-on Patch - Clear2-SVWGK
0.2mL Screw Top Fixed Insert Vial – GOLD-Grade with Write-on Patch ( Micro+)02-FISVG
200µL Insert, GOLD-Grade Glass02-MTVWG
2mL, 12 x 32, 11mm Crimp-Top Vials 
2mL Crimp Top Vial – Clear, GOLD-Grade2-CVG
1.1mL Crimp Top Tapered Vial - Clear1.1-CTVG
0.2mL Crimp Top Fixed Insert Vial – GOLD-Grade with Write-on Patch ( Micro+)02-FIVG
200µL Insert, GOLD-Grade Glass Insert02-MTVWG

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