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Local network to global enterprise deployment

A networked, or enterprise, CDS is vital for compliant, efficient and reliable operation of any modern chromatography laboratory – it will manage all the analytical processes from instrument control, to raw data storage and processing, right through to generating the final results.

Delivering these capabilities across a network brings a unique set of challenges. Chromeleon CDS has been designed and optimized to overcome these challenges. Its architecture can connect multiple sites and locations to a central data center with the same performance as a fully local operation.

Learn how Chromeleon CDS can deliver compliance, connectivity, productivity and confidence to your laboratory.

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Connect Network CDS

Connect to your network

Chromeleon CDS offers compatibility with most network infrastructures and provides built-in functionality for load balancing and failover. This ensures highest data security and allows distribution of resources while retaining central control. It scales from a single workstation up to global multi-site deployment connecting different laboratories to one central data center, seamlessly growing with the laboratory, while maintaining an identical user experience.

Connect Cloud CDS

Connect to the cloud

With the global proliferation and rapid adoption of cloud computing, laboratories are increasingly looking to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. With low entry and on-going maintenance costs, cloud computing represents a cost-effective option for many companies looking to implement enterprise laboratory solutions.

Connect Lab Software CDS

Connect to your laboratory software

Chromeleon CDS is fully integrated with SampleManager LIMS, providing a seamless CDS link within the LIMS to streamline the lab process and eliminate manual steps related to sample testing and results capture and analysis. SampleManager offers LIMS, SDMS and LES (procedural ELN) capabilities.

A Chromeleon Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides functionality that enables connection to any other LIMS or business software with the creation of applications that can:

  • Hide or replace the standard user interface
  • Run samples and manage instrument queues
  • Access data and results
  • Automatically transfer information between Chromeleon CDS and another application
  • Provide specialized post-acquisition analysis

Connect to your instruments

One CDS for your chromatography and routine mass spectroscopy instruments

Chromeleon CDS provides industry leading multi-vendor control for remote connection to over 525 chromatography instruments (LC, IC and GC) and Thermo Scientific GC-MS(/MS), LC-MS(/MS) and IC-MS instruments. It delivers a unique unification of workflows for chromatography and routine quantitative MS analysis in an enterprise environment.


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