Clinical and Translational Research Analyses by Vanquish HPLC/UHPLC

Built for clinical & translational research workflows

Ideally suited for separating complex biological samples such as blood, urine and plasma, HPLC has proven to be the most versatile form of chromatographic separation for the clinical lab. Advanced UHPLC systems enhance clinical research workflows by providing quicker results, more flexibility, and easy integration with MS-based methods. Coupling HPLC and MS can offer separation, identification, and quantification of hundreds of analytes in a complex biological matrix.

To boost your confidence in your clinical & translational analyses, the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC platform offers:

  • Vanquish systems are built with biocompatible fluidic pathways
  • Separating power with unmatched flow and gradient precision
  • Outstanding retention time precision for fast Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) mass spectrometry workflows


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