Alternatives for large and small sample volumes

Alternatives for large and small sample volumes

Use the Thermo Scientific Rocket Evaporator for unattended concentration or drying of multiple large-volume samples in one run. The system significantly improves productivity with excellent reproducibility and recovery rates. If you are performing GC sample preparation on the Thermo Scientific Reacti-Therm heating and stirring unit, we also offer the Thermo Scientific Reacti-Vap Evaporator manifold.

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Common applications of evaporator systems
Rocket Evaporators
  • Evaporation of samples from Thermo Scientific Dionex ASE system
  • Efficiently evaporates solvents used with the Dionex ASE system
Reacti-Vap Evaporator Manifold
  • Evaporation of samples in the Reacti-Therm unit
  • Compatible with a variety of test tubes and vials
  • Silylation, alkylation and acylation derivatization reactions for GC sample preparation

Featured automated evaporator categories

The system concentrates or dries large-volume samples for chromatographic analysis quickly. Boost sample preparation productivity while getting excellent reproducibility and recovery rates.

Available in 9- or 27-port formats, this manifold delivers pressurized gas to samples in the Thermo Scientific Reacti-Therm sample derivatization heating and stirring unit with minimal cross-contamination and corrosion.

A variety of sample holders are available for the Rocket Evaporator, including flasks, Dionex ASE tubes, Flip-Flop tubes, SampleGenie vials, and SampleGenie for GC vials.

Accessories for the Reacti-Vap Evaporator include PTFE-coated needles and an assortment of small reaction vials and closures for the Reacti-Vap manifold.

Accessories include replacement parts, blank plugs, seals, and maintenance kits for use with your Rocket Evaporator system.

Features of the Dionex ASE Accelerated Solvent Extraction and Automated Evaporation

See how the extraction and evaporation systems work together extract and concentrate your sample, making it available in the container of your choice.

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