Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC system

You have the freedom to explore in ion chromatography

The ability to develop and run different methods for a single sample or for different samples is increasingly important for analytical laboratories. A highly flexible ion chromatography (IC) system provides you with the freedom to develop, explore, and run different methods simultaneously.

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Which Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC system configuration is best for you?


Dionex ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore HPIC Systems

Dionex ICS-6000 Capillary HPIC Systems

Dionex ICS-6000 Hybrid HPIC System

Major benefit

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Column configurationsTwo standard bore 4 mm, two microbore 2 mm, or one of each columnTwo capillary 0.4 mm columnsOne standard bore and one capillary, or one microbore and one capillary columnCan run two different analyses simultaneously
Column compartmentDionex ICS-6000 DC Detector/Chromatography CompartmentDionex ICS-6000 Capillary IC CubeDionex ICS-6000 Capillary IC CubeAllows easy column installation and connections
Column choicesOffers broad variety of quality columns
Detectors (standard)Can be used in most common IC applications
Detectors (optional)Allows addition of detector for special applications
6000 psi pumpsCan perform high pressure IC or, with dual pumps, 2D-IC
Eluent generatorCapillary EG lasts 18 months; uses 5.25L water/day
Autosampler compatibilityOffers a variety of cost and application options
CDS softwareProvides, power, simplicity and convenience
CMD SchemaApp code