Tailored for challenging and critically important applications

Tailored for challenging and critically important applications

The novel and unique chemistries of these Thermo Scientific Acclaim columns provide superior resolution with ease of use for key pharmaceutical and environmental applications.

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Application specific columns



Acclaim Carbamate LC ColumnsAchieve baseline separation of carbamate specified in U.S. EPA Method 531.2 with these high-efficiency columns.
Acclaim Carbonyl C18 LC ColumnsUse for superior resolution and high throughput separation of DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones.
Acclaim Explosives E2 LC ColumnsAchieve baseline resolution of all 14 explosives listed in EPA Method.
Acclaim Organic Acid LC ColumnsUse these reversed phase silica columns for unparalleled performance in separating hydrophilic, aliphatic, and aromatic organic acids.
Acclaim Surfactant LC ColumnsUse these high efficiency columns to achieve outstanding separation of all classes of surfactants.
Acclaim Surfactant Plus LC ColumnsChoose this column for surfactant analysis using high sensitivity detection.
Acclaim Trinity P1 LC ColumnsSeparate pharmaceutical drug substances and their counter ions simultaneously and with high efficiency.
Acclaim Trinity P2 LC ColumnsSeparate pharmaceutical counter ions, including monovalent and divalent cations or anions.
Acclaim Trinity Q1 LCSeparate the herbicides diquat and paraquat simultaneously.
Hypersil Green PAH LC ColumnsUse these columns for rapid analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
Acclaim AmG C18 LC ColumnsMeet today’s demands for aminoglycoside separation with these columns which have unique tolerance to harsh conditions.
Product spotlight
New columns for better aminoglycoside antibiotic analysis
  • High-performance, silica-based C18 column specifically designed for ion pairing, reversed phase LC analysis
  • Unique column chemistry has unusual tolerance toward low pH, high temperature, organic solvents, and aqueous mobile phases
  • Detection by UV, CAD, or or ELSD

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  • Aminoglycoside
  • Carbamate
  • Explosives
  • DNPH derivatives of aldehydes and ketones
  • Hydrophilic, aliphatic, aromatic organic acids
  • Surfactants
  • Drugs and counter ions
  • Herbicides diquat and paraquat
  • Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

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