Separate hydrophilic and polar compounds

Separate hydrophilic and polar compounds

Do you have difficulty retaining polar hydrophilic compounds using reversed phase chromatography? Our broad variety of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) columns provides strong retention of compounds that are unretained under conventional reversed phase conditions, without the requirement for ion-pair additives in the mobile phase. These columns are ideal for high sensitivity LC-MS applications.

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HILIC column categories

Want a versatile HILIC column? These columns offer strong retention and good hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and isomeric selectivity. Its neutral material demonstrates low ion exchange properties. Having balanced charges, these columns provide enhanced retention of charged and neutral polar compounds.

The tertiary amine functionality from the polyethyleneimine (PIE) bonding of this phase shows anion exchange activity with good hydrophilic selectivity. These columns are recommended for the analysis of acidic or neutral polar compounds.

Want a HILIC column with good hydrophilic selectivity and some isomeric selectivity? Silica columns possess very strong cation exchange properties and are recommended for the analysis of basic or neutral polar isomeric compounds.

Want a HILIC column with low ion exchange activity? These columns have alternative selectivity with lower ion exchange activity than other HILIC phases. They retain a broad range of polar analytes using up to 20% aqueous mobile phase.

Need a HILIC column for very polar analytes? The amide HILIC bonded phases provide strong hydrogen bonding interaction between the stationary phase and the analytes, resulting in stronger retention compared to other HILIC phases. These columns are well suited for separating a variety of hydrophilic molecules, including carbohydrates and peptides.

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