Which HPLC and UHPLC pump is right for you?

Experience industry-leading flow, pressure and precision when you use Thermo Scientific Vanquish and UltiMate 3000 pumps. We offer binary pumps for speed, quaternary pumps for flexibility in solvent proportioning, dual gradient pumps for high throughput and 2D-LC applications, cost-effective and robust isocratic pumps and nano/capillary/micro pumps for accurate gradients at low flow rates. Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC pumps provide the lowest gradient delay, exceptional gradient profiles, unmatched flow accuracy, and extreme durability with built-in Thermo Scientific SmartFlow technology to automatically compensate for changing eluent compressibility and deliver precise performance and flexibility. UltiMate 3000 HPLC and UHPLC pumps deliver proven dependability, meeting the needs and requirements of your application with an extensive range of options.

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High throughput for high-resolution HPLC, UHPLC or LC-MS applications. Wide application range and flexibility in mobile phase composition. Increased productivity, flexibility and switching between applications without re-plumbing. Stable peak retention times for routine isocratic applications. Accurate gradients and flow precision from nano- to micro-flow for maximized sensitivity and robustness.

Binary pumps

Choose binary pumps for throughput, high-resolution HPLC, UHPLC or LC-MS applications. Use the biocompatible semi-preparative binary pump to purify µg to low-mg biological compounds.


Vanquish binary pumps



UlitMate 3000 binary pumps


Supplying flow consistency and gradient precision for unrivaled retention time and confidence in data, Vanquish binary pumps are built to make the most of extended pressure for high-throughput, high-resolution applications. All Vanquish pumps use SmartFlow technology to automatically compensate for changing eluent compressibility and biocompatible versions are available.  Featuring accurate gradients and precise retention times UltiMate 3000 binary pumps meet the requirements of diverse sample types with a wide range of flow rates. Biocompatible versions are available. 

Quaternary pumps

Thermo Scientific quaternary pumps offer the widest possible application range with maximum flexibility in mobile phase composition and stable retention times.


Vanquish quaternary pumps



UltiMate 3000 quaternary pumps


Ensuring excellent flow and gradient precision through SmartFlow technology, Thermo Scientific Vanquish quaternary pumps offer unrivaled retention time precision and confidence in your data, even when running ternary and quaternary gradients. They also provide more freedom for method transfer, method development, and application switching. Offering flexibility across a broad range of analytical LC applications with a range of choices for solvent proportioning and mixing, Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 quaternary pumps support the use of up to four solvents for convenient method development, system flushing or solvent preparation. 

Dual-gradient pumps

Thermo Scientific dual-gradient HPLC and UHPLC pumps offer increased sample throughput, higher productivity, or switching between applications without re-plumbing. Dual pumps have two built-in ternary pumps for the highest flexibility and optimal use of lab space.


Vanquish dual pumps



UltiMate 3000 dual-gradient pumps


Using two independent ternary-solvent flow streams in a single housing, Thermo Scientific Vanquish dual pumps deliver application flexibility for dual LC, tandem LC or LC-MS, and inverse gradient workflows. These pumps use SmartFlow technology to automatically compensate for changing eluent compressibility and ensure excellent flow and gradient precision, independent of eluent composition. Accommodating two different applications on a dual system with different solvents and columns or enabling unattended switching between applications, UltiMate 3000 dual-gradient pumps increase sample throughput, achieve higher chromatographic resolution or automate sample preparation.

Isocratic Pumps

Thermo Scientific isocratic pumps provide stable peak retention times for routine isocratic applications. These pumps are ideal for: QA/QC using refractive index detection; high sensitivity for low-level analytes when used with an electrochemical pump; or as an auxiliary pump for LC-MS make-up flows.


Vanquish isocratic pumps



UlitMate 3000 isocratic pumps


Featuring SmartFlow pumping technology on a single solvent line, Thermo Scientific Vanquish isocratic pumps offer excellent flow and retention time precision for isocratic separations at backpressures up to 700 bar. Offering cost-effective and dependable isocratic performance, Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 isocratic pumps are suitable for QA/QC and refractive index detection or as an auxiliary HPLC pump.

Nano/Capillary/Micro pumps

Obtain accurate gradients at the lowest nano flow rates to maximize sensitivity.

Thermo Scientific UltiMate NCS-3500RS Binary Rapid Separation Nano/Capillary pumps


Offering high resolution and fast analyses, Thermo Scientific UltiMate NCS-3500RS Binary Rapid Separation Nano/Capillary pumps use ProFlow technology to improve nano flow rate control for high retention time precision and higher quality data.

HPLC standards, reagents & solvents

Control retention time and selectivity, resolve complex ionic mixtures without using ion exchange columns and improve peak symmetry for your chromatography analyses by using the right reagents.