EASY-nLC 1200 System

The Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC 1200 system is an intuitive, fully integrated, ultra-high performance LC-MS solution for users at any level of expertise. Providing nano-flow UHPLC performance at an industry-leading 1200 bar, the EASY-nLC system offers reduced cycle times and increased throughput. Additionally, high pressure capabilities in the EASY-nLC system enable use of ultra-long columns, to maximize resolution of complex mixtures.  Pumps, autosampler and control PC share one compact housing for powerful performance with a small footprint.


Increased serviceability and robustness

The system features easy access to all serviceable parts and is fitted with dependable maintenance-free ceramic valves and tool free Thermo Scientific nanoViper fingertight fittings that enable sharper peaks. 


Improved performance and throughput

A 1200 bar pressure rating enables the system to use longer analytical columns for higher peak capacity without sacrificing throughput with fast sample loading and column equilibration.

Intelligent maintenance

Automated built-in maintenance routines and quick diagnostics can pinpoint leaks and blocked capillaries to reduce instrument downtime. Detailed event logs with remote access capability for system diagnostics and technical support help get your instrument back in service quickly.

Advanced flow control

Thermo Scientific Intelligent Flow Control (IFC) offer robust performance and increased throughput during loading and equilibration steps, and Thermo Scientific Automatic Flow Control (AFC) provides outstanding reproducibility throughout your injection sequence during gradient delivery.

Intuitive software with XCalibur integration

EASY-nLC software facilitates rapid method set-up and system control. It is fully integrated with the Thermo Scientific XCalibur software for controlling Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers, allowing full LC-MS control through a single software solution.

Seamless interface with mass spectrometers

Designed to work with both Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray Ion Sources and Nanospray Flex Ion Sources for compatibility with Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray columns and all other nanoLC columns, the EASY-nLC 1200 integrates seamlessly with Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers.


System specifications

The table below provides an overview of the EASY-nLC 1200 system specifications for a standard setup. Not all specifications are listed. Find the specification sheets for this system on the Resources page.

Category EASY-nLC 1200 System
System pressure, maximum 1200 bar
Flow range 100 nL/min – 1.0 µL/min
Pump options (default gradient delay volume) Binary, integrated (< 1 µL)
Biocompatable No
System design Integrated
Touchscreen user interface display compatible (optional) Yes, integrated
Active flow control Yes
Injection volume range

Standard: 100 nL– 20 µL  
Optional: 100 nL– 50 µL

Sample cooling Yes

Sample capacity (standard)

Based on standard 12 mm OD vials (≤ 1.5 mL)

48 vials 
Sampler extension available  Not applicable
Column compartment pre-heater Not applicable
Column compartment post-column cooler Not applicable
Detector choices

Mass Spectrometer

Variable Wavelength Detector