What's new in Amira Software 6.2

This new version brings essential new features and enhancements:

  • Extended file format support
  • Python integration
  • Product enhancements

This is Amira Software's extension for additional life science file format support. Conveniently load 3D or 4D+ data from over 140 file formats (powered by Bio-Formats, in cooperation with Glencoe Software). Researchers can now read data from the latest microscopes with the most current version of supported proprietary file formats.

Amira Software 6.2 integrates a ready-to-use Python distribution including the most used scientific packages from the Python eco-system. This allows the seamless creation of script objects using Python utilities that can later be attached to data objects in the Amira Software graphical user interface.

The main benefits of Amira-Avizo Software Python are:

  • Intuitive, popular and modern scripting language
  • Access to hundreds of scientific algorithms from the Python eco-system
  • Ultra-efficient memory management
  • Direct access to Amira Software data objects from Python scripts
  • Fully compliant with Python scripting conventions
  • Convenient and full-featured Python console interface

In addition to Python, many enhancements and new modules have been added to the product.
First, the properties area of the application now benefits from a port grouping feature, which greatly enhances the product readability.

Second, additional information has been added to the data properties, such as memory size, preview, and histogram of the data. Many new compute modules have also been added, such as the ability to remove/reduce rings artefact, and measure and correct beam hardening.

Amira Software also now benefits from a main memory usage indicator that lets the user track when data should be removed/unloaded from the application. The performance of the most frequently used morphological operators has been increased up to 6-fold improving execution speed of most segmentation and image processing workflows.

Finally, Amira Software's extension for 3D geometry generation (XMesh) is now included de facto in the standard edition.