These new versions bring essential features and enhancements:

  • New Amira for Cell Biology and state-of-the-art object tracking tool
  • Improved metrology tools for industrial inspection
  • New fiber orientation tensor for advanced materials research and development 
  • Amira-Avizo productivity enhancements

Amira 6.3 introduces the long-awaited Amira for Cell Biology Edition. This dedicated edition packs together all the latest Amira data imports and segmentation and analysis tools, with brand new advanced object tracking and track analysis capabilities. 
This bundle edition provides a comprehensive set of tools for the flexible and accurate analysis of time series data of cellular processes.

Amira for Cell Biology’s advanced object tracking tool, powered by U-Track 3D from the renowned UTSW Danuser Lab, provides precision tracking of thousands of fast-moving objects. 
Amira for Cell Biology performs automated object localization and track computation, while also enabling advanced track visualization and analysis. This powerful combination allows researchers to perform powerful automated object tracking workflows on their intra- and intercellular 4D images.

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Object tracking

Images collected with TLS-SPIM, Liang Gao lab, Stony Brook University.

Avizo Inspect 9.3 comes with many essential new features that reinforce Avizo’s capabilities for dimensional metrology including:

  • New geometry fitting methods (based on CHEBYSHEV algorithm) and dramatically improved performance.
  • New fast surface extraction methods, supporting ISO 50 and OTSU standard values.
  • Easy 3-2-1 Registration Wizard for increased productivity.
  • Built-in IGES and STEP CAD model importers.
  • New surface export.
  • Enhanced Local Coordinate System support.

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Dimensional metrology
Data courtesy of CyXplus.

Extract Orientation Tensor allows extraction and visualization of the orientation tensors from a spatial graph. This process provides an efficient visual method for understanding the degree to which fibers in a given material are curved.

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Extract Orientation Tensor
Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)
Courtesy of Dr. Alenka Mauko and Dr. Aljosa Sajna - Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute - ZAG

Numerous productivity and user experience improvements are provided with Amira 6.3 / Avizo 9.3:

  • New mechanism allows for the application of a workflow to an entire time series.
  • New recursive Gaussian filter that offers improved performance for large Standard Deviation input values.
  • New “Compute End” notification mechanism that allows a user to be notified when a long computation is over, improving productivity when working on large or complex datasets.
  • New extract statistics module that generates a common statistics spreadsheet from Label Analysis, Image Analysis, or a data spreadsheet.
  • Many known issues have also been fixed in these new versions.