• High-performance 3D mesher for advanced simulation (FEA/CFD)
  • Enhanced object tracking analysis tools
  • BioFormats improvements
  • Segmentation editor and filament editor improvements
  • Digital Volume Correlation extension
  • Advanced surface extraction and enhanced geometry fitting, derived/computed geometries
  • Absolute permeability and tortuosity from PNM

Customers with active maintenance at the time of the release will be automatically notified about the availability of these new versions.

Amira Software 6.4 and Avizo Software 9.4 introduce major steps forward in simulation pre-processing capabilities. A new high-performance mesher allows for the generation of high-quality 3D tetrahedral mesh for FEA/CFD simulation directly from 3D-labeled images.
This brand-new technology is extremely fast and can handle large data sets. It computes high-quality meshes with fine control over cell size distribution per material.
A dedicated and very intuitive Meshing Workroom allows for defining the meshing parameters and visualizing the resulting mesh with dedicated displays.
All it takes to create a mesh is a labeled (segmented) 3D image. Boundary conditions can be assigned using various tools for selecting elements.
Finally, a complete set of exporters allows for communication with all major simulation packages, including Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent, COMSOL Multiphysics® and more.

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Data courtesy of Visible Cement Dataset

Amira Software 6.4 adds incredible value for researchers working in cell biology and other areas that use time series data.

Multi-channel time series data can now be opened directly through Bio-Formats and conveniently manipulated. Amira Software 6.4 also adds support for multi-channel HDR images, multi-channel RGB fields, and large slices - up to 4GB - through Bio-Formats. Furthermore, large volumes or multi-channel time series data can be converted into Amira Software’s proprietary multi-resolution file format for faster and out-of-core data access.

Amira Software for Cell Biology features enhanced track analysis tools. These tools allow you to apply Amira Software’s entire variety of shape, intensity, and other label measures to each object for each time step along a track. A convenient locator link is placed between the resulting spreadsheet and the tracks.

Finally, other improvements, which are aimed at the Filament and Segmentation Workrooms, increase general usability.


Data courtesy of TLS-SPIM, Liang Gao lab, Stony Brook University

Amira Software 6.4 and Avizo Software 9.4 introduce a brand new extension: Digital Volume Correlation (DVC).
Digital Volume Correlation is an innovative technique that allows you to compute the precise internal displacement and strain maps from 3D images of materials acquired during a deformation process (in situ experiments).
This powerful, contact less, bulk-strain measurement technique is ideal for assessing the performance of a material deformed under mechanical or thermal loads (or other loading conditions) and capture fatigue behavior.
The measured data can be used to enrich and validate computer simulation models; for example, to help predict fatigue performance of critical components.

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Courtesy of Dr Gianluca Tozzi at University of Portsmouth

Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection 9.4 offers significant evolution in terms of accuracy and performance for advanced metrology.
A new, faster, and even more accurate surface extraction algorithm has been implemented. Faster and more accurate geometry-fitting methods supporting MI and MC Chebyshev criteria are now available, including auto-adjust re-fitting.
Finally, Avizo Software 9.4 enables creation of derived/computed geometries to support advanced metrology capabilities.

Data courtesy of CyXplus

The Pore Network Modeling extension of Avizo Software has been enriched by two new material properties computed directly from the pore network model:

  • Absolute Permeability
  • Tortuosity

The absolute permeability of a material that can be approximated by a Pore Network Model can be computed in seconds compared to hours with image-based simulation.

Used in conjonction with XLabSuite, the package delivers a high-end tool for advanced materials properties calculation.

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Amira Software 6.4 and Avizo/Avizo Inspect Software 9.4 are regular upgrades and will be provided free of charge to all users under valid maintenance.

These new versions also bring many improvements and known issues fixes.
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