These new versions dramatically improve productivity and data analysis capabilities

What's New in Amira-Avizo
  • Intuitive 2D workroom for automating image processing workflows
  • Recipe and Automation workroom now available for Avizo and Amira XImagePAQ with additional features
  • New image analysis modules and enhanced features
  • Python 3.5 support
  • Avizo Inline extension for automation of industrial inspection workflows
  • PTB verification of Avizo for Industrial Inspection

Customers with active maintenance at the time of the release will be automatically notified about the availability of these new versions.

The Image Stack Processing module is one of the major features of this release. It allows for the creation and execution of image processing workflows, to process an image stack in 2D (each image of the stack is processed individually).

The Image Stack Processing editing workroom features an interactive and dynamic edition environment, giving constant feedback about the workflow being built. Any step of the recipe can be accessed and modified, with immediate feedback about the impact of each change on the final output. It is an optimized 2D setup that enhances and segments data in Amira-Avizo Software.

The Recipe workroom allows creation of user-defined “recipes” for automation of a complex scenario, making use of multiple tools and workspaces. They define high-level workflows, such as extracting user-defined statistics from an image.
This new version of the XRecipe extension brings many enhancements, such as:

  • A recipe player module to execute a recipe from the project workroom as any other regular module
  • The possibility to create a recipe that generates multiple outputs
  • The capacity to run a recipe inside another recipe
  • A mechanism to convert a recipe into a project graph to re-edit parts of it
  • The ability to edit and include user documentation inside the recipe
Sample courtesy of Professor M. Benedetti, University of Trento, Italy. Data obtained as part of a collaboration with University of Manchester, UK, under guidance of Professor P. Withers.
  • Auto Align Slice module automatically aligns a stack of 2D slices and supports affine transformation.
  • Membrane Enhancement Filter detects ridges and then smooths membranes and fills discontinuities using the tensor voting technique.
  • Non-Local Means Filter has been enriched with new CPU and GPU modes, providing tremendous performance improvement.
  • Extract Surface From Spatial Graph extracts a surface or a tetrahedral grid from a Spatial Graph object, allowing for performance of Adaptive Fiber Meshing.
  • New image processing modules (Selective Morphological Operators, Binary Smoothing, Grayscale Fill Holes, etc.) and image analysis measurements (Feret measures, Intensity Count, etc.).
Amira-Avizo New modules and features

This release is based on Python 3.5.2 and removes Python 2.7 support. It brings compatibility with Matplotlib and PyQt.
OpenCV is available in default packages list. A new Deployment Manager (EDM) enables the quick creation of multiple self-contained Python environments.

Avizo Inline framework enables the automation of specific tasks. It has the capability to work in high-volume inspection processes. Avizo Inline system can be divided into four major applications:

  1. “Receiver Service” is in charge of receiving pushed images from the scanner and registering them using a reference model.
  2.  “Designer” application is in charge of defining the inspection scenario.
  3.  “Inspector” application is in charge of reviewing the pushed models that are received by the “Receiver Service”. It uses scenarios defined by “Designer” to inspect the scanned model and accept or reject the part depending on analysis results.
  4.  “Reviewer” application is used to review inspected models and determine why a model has been rejected during the Inspection process.
Avizo Inline

The numerical accuracy of algorithms for computing “Chebyshev associated features” has been tested. All deviations of the algorithms under test were below the maximum permissible errors for all quality characteristics.


PTB certified

Amira-Avizo Software Upgrades

Amira Software 6.7 and Avizo Software/Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection 9.7 are regular upgrades and will be provided free of charge to all users under valid maintenance.

  • The new Image Stack Processing module and workroom are available under the Amira Software for Cell Biology license, Amira Software XImagePAQ extension license and Avizo Software license.
  • The Recipe workroom is available under the Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection license and now also under the Amira Software for Cell Biology license, Amira Software XImagePAQ extension license and Avizo Software license.
  • The Membrane Enhancement Filter, Non-Local Means Filter, image processing modules and image analysis measurements are available under the Amira Software for Cell Biology license, Amira Software XImagePAQ extension license, Avizo Software license and Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection license.
  • The Extract Surface From Spatial Graph module is available under the Amira Software for Cell Biology license, Amira Software XTracing license, Avizo Software XFiber license and Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection license.

These new versions also bring many improvements and fixes for known issues.