Learn what's new in the 2019.2 release of Amira-Avizo Software

Thermo Scientific Amira-Avizo Software version 2019.2 rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

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This new tool, powered by Machine Learning, allows to perform challenging segmentation tasks following a fast and easy “paint and learn” workflow:

Fully integrated into the Segmentation Editor, the Texture-Supervised Classification tool lets you "paint" on your image to quickly and interactively select areas belonging to the same texture. The tool "learns" from user-defined areas and automatically classifies each pixel of the image according to its similarity to the learned patterns.

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Thermo Scientific™ Volumescope™ SEM dataset of mouse heart muscle, segmented with texture classification and watershed post-processing. Data courtesy of Dr. Madesh Muniswamy from the Department of Medicine, UT Health San Antonio

A realistic visualization of 3D data can be of critical importance to perform meaningful visual inspection and quickly understand structural properties of matter.

Allowing better depth, thanks to a more realistic rendering, the new Physically-Based Rendering is now the default in the Volume Rendering display module.

The introduction of this new mode in Avizo and Amira Software version 2019.2 also comes with a simplified user interface of the Volume Rendering Setting module, introducing a gradual complexity ​and removing deprecated parameters.


Standard Rendering


Physical Rendering

Standard Volume Rendering versus Physical Based shading Volume Rendering

The Colorize by Measure module generates a dynamic colormap that allows you to colorize labeled objects according to a corresponding measurement, using the spreadsheet generated by the Label Analysis module.

The generated colormap can be used by most display modules, such as Ortho Slice, Colorwash or Voxelized Rendering, provided they are connected to the Label Image that corresponds to the Label Analysis Spreadsheet. It may also be set manually as the Shared Colormap for this label image.

The Colormap Legend module must be connected to the Colorize By Measure module itself to produce a meaningful colorbar.

Usage example of Colorize By Measure including Colormap Legend

You can now overlay a 2D Scale Bar over the display of an Ortho Slice module.

This gives you a permanent visual indicator of the scale of your image, no matter the slice position in the 3D space.


Amira-Avizo-Software-20192-2D-Scale-Bar2D Scale Bar - the bar length is 20 µm

The Recipes Workroom is now also available on supported Linux platforms.

The Bio-Formats library has been upgraded to version 5.9.2, and the Java Runtime Engine to 1.8.0_202.

Enhanced geometry fitting algorithm and 2D picking

Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection delivers a new geometry fitting algorithm that enhances performance and quality and improves even further precision both on PTB and NIST datasets.

Picking in 2D viewers to create fitted geometries has been improved allowing you to control fitted geometries in a more intuitive way.

Usage example of fitting a circle constraining it on an ortho slice that is on a given section


Amira-Avizo Software Upgrades

Amira Software, Avizo Software and Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection 2019.2 are regular upgrades and will be provided free-of-charge to all users under valid maintenance.

The Texture Supervised Classification and Colorize by Measure modules are available under the Avizo license, Amira for Cell Biology license and XImagePAQ extension license.

These new versions also bring many improvements and fixes to known issues.
For more information, please read the Full Release Notes, or contact us.

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