Learn what's new in release 2020.2 of Amira-Avizo Software

Thermo Scientific Amira-Avizo Software Version 2020.2 rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

Amira-Avizo Software 2020.2 introduces a new 2D ScaleBar module which can now be used with any orthoslice and any type of data, including RGB images, multi-channel, or large data.


“Relabel By Track ID” new module allows to relabel a Time Series of segmented objects to match their corresponding Track ID.

This enables the visualization of the results of the object tracking step using Slices or Voxelized Rendering. The Object Tracking Tutorial has been updated to explain how to use this new module.


This Amira Software module visualizes the typical ladder structure of double-stranded DNA or single-stranded RNA structures. Each strand consists of multiple nucleotides with four different base types (Adenin, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine for DNA and Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Urazil for RNA). The backbone part of the nucleotide will be shown as a strand with an elliptical cross section and the bases as elliptical cylinders with different patterns at the ends, called sticks.

Instead of the sticks, you can also visualize the sugar rings of the backbone in combination with the single-ring pyrimidines or the double-ring purines of the bases. The module provides several coloring modes that color either the DNA/RNA specific properties or general molecular properties.

The DNA-RNA Visualization module is available under the Avizo XMolecular and Amira XMolecular extension license.


Visualization of DNA and Secondary Structures of a Nucleosome

N. Lindow, D. Baum, M. Leborgne, H.-C. Hege (2019). Interactive Visualization of RNA and DNA Structures. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 967-976.

This new option allows for more robust results to be obtained, especially in the context of dense fibers and low data contrast. Multiple Hypothesis Tracing, is proposed in the module Trace Correlation Lines, included in Amira Software XTracing and Avizo Software XFiber extensions.


Tracing of Microtubules in electron tomography images, with and without Multiple Hypothesis Tracing. The orange volume rendering displays the correlation field, whereas colored tubes show the traced centerlines.

Friman, O., Hindennach, M., Kühnel, C., Peitgen, H.-O. (2010). Multiple hypothesis template tracking of small 3D vessel structures. Medical Image Analysis, 14:160-171

Amira-Avizo Software Upgrades

Amira Software, Avizo Software, Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection and Amira-Avizo Software for EM Systems 2020.2 are regular upgrades and will be provided free-of-charge to all users under valid maintenance.

These new versions also bring many improvements and fixes to known issues.

What was new

Amira-Avizo Software 2020.1
Released on April 2020

Amira-Avizo Software 2019.4
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Amira-Avizo Software 2019.3
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