Learn what's new in the 2019.2 release of PerGeos Software for Digital Rock Analysis

Thermo Scientific PerGeos Software version 2019.2 rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

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This version of PerGeos Software includes a group of petrography features that enables you to visualize, interact with, segment and analyze large-area optical and SEM images of thin sections. Color image support is added for segmentation and large data handling. In addition, out-of-core processing is now available through the UI for 2D images.

Convert color images from various formats

You can now convert color images from various formats, including JPEG 2000, CZI and Big Tiff, to LDA. The reader for these formats is out-of-core; thus, it consumes less memory than the actual file size during the conversion process.
Another option for converting a color image to LDA is opening it and then using the Export Data As option.

Recipe by Slab new color image generation tool

A new Recipe by Slab tool is now available for workflows that generate a color image as output. Using this tool, you can now run recipes that result in a color image in an out-of-core fashion. The input data can be in-memory or LDA (out-of-core).

2D image processing now supported by the Recipe by Slab tools

All the Recipe by Slab tools now support 2D image processing. You can use grayscale and color 2D images as input for these tools. This enables you to run workflows on large-area SEM and optical microscopy datasets without running out of memory.

Data courtesy of Stratum Reservoir

This version of PerGeos Software introduces a set of features for enabling segmentation of your optical microscopy data.

Color Auto Classification

The Color Auto Classification tool is introduced in this version of PerGeos Software. This is a tool based on machine learning that automatically segments a color image into labels. A supervised random forest method is used.

Automatic segmentation of an optical image of a thin section using Color Auto Classification. Image courtesy of Stratum Reservoir.

Segment your color image

A color image can now be selected as the image to be segmented in the Segmentation workspace. In the Segmentation panel, you can pick a color image in the image field. A label image with the same dimensions as the color image is generated.

Color image support in Segmentation workspace. Image courtesy of Stratum Reservoir.

In addition, PerGeos Software version 2019.2 allows you to obtain histograms for color images, and the Interactive Overlay Threshold tool now supports color images as input.

A new Physically Based Lighting mode has been added to the Volume Rendering tool. The former standard rendering mode remains as the default mode. This Physically Based Lighting effect provides lighting using an advanced BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) model​ that provides more realistic rendering with better depth.

Volume Rendering results of high-density minerals in a core sample using standard rendering mode.
Volume Rendering results of high-density minerals in a core sample using physical rendering mode.

The introduction of this new mode is also an opportunity to simplify the user interface of the Volume Rendering Settings by introducing a gradual complexity ​and removing the deprecated parameters. The least frequently used parameters are collapsed by default.

Colorize by Measure is a new tool that generates a colormap based on a measure.

It takes as input the spreadsheet of measurements that is generated by the Label Analysis tool. You select the measure based on which colormap is to be generated.

The generated colormap is available for selection in the colormap port of the Display and Compare Properties panels. In addition, this colormap can be used with most display tools, such as Ortho Slice, Colorwash and Voxelized Rendering.

The colormap generated by the Colorize by Measure tool is used in the Voxelized Rendering tool.

2019 introduces a new product life cycle

All customers with active maintenance will benefit from our quarterly release. This new product life cycle gives you the benefits of the best level of features and performance for increased productivity.

Customers with active maintenance at the time of the release will be notified automatically about the availability of the newest version.

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