Learn what's new in the latest release of PerGeos Software for Digital Rock Analysis

Thermo Scientific PerGeos Software version 2019.3 rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

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We keep enriching PerGeos Software’s unsurpassed processing toolbox with new Artificial Intelligence-based processing tools.

While advanced Texture Supervised Classification tools and Color Auto Classification, powered by Machine Learning, were released in Amira-Avizo Software version 2019.2 and PerGeos Software version 2019.2, PerGeos Software version 2019.3 provides a powerful deep learning environment.

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The use of DL-based tools in PerGeos Software is a major leap forward and enriches the processing capabilities by allowing the mixing of both traditional and AI-based algorithms.

Resource datasets and examples of trained models are available for download from the Xtra library website.

Deep Learning model trained for back-scattered image denoising.
Membranes segmentation using Deep Learning

With the 2019.3 release, a new online resource portal is available, providing a collection of add-ons (recipes, scripts, demos) dedicated to specific use cases and workflows, that will help you improve your daily use of PerGeos Software and dramatically increase your efficiency.

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The Xtra Library will be populated with new add-ons continuously, independent of the release cycle of the products.


This new filter enables enhancement of structures such as balls (dots, bubbles, spherical cells), rods (filaments, fibers), and planes (membranes, cracks), relying on either the eigenvalue analysis of the Hessian or the Structure Tensor.

The filter can operate at a range of scales and is thus able to highlight structures of different sizes.

Pores of varied sizes in aluminum cast.
Blood vessels in small animal µCT.

PerGeos Software upgrades

2019.3 is a regular upgrade and will be provided free-of-charge to all users under valid maintenance.
All enhancements and new features are available in all editions of PerGeos Software.
These new version also bring many improvements and fixes to known issues.

Customers with active maintenance at the time of the release will be notified automatically about the availability of the newest version.

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PerGeos Software 2019.2
Released on June 2019

PerGeos Software 2019.1
Released on March 2019

PerGeos Software 1.8
Released on October 2018