Advanced visualization and analysis

Imaging techniques such as Computed Tomography is increasingly used in industry as a method for nondestructive testing, adding to standard CMM the ability to make digital measures and detect and quantify defects inside a part.

Integrating expertise acquired over more than 10 years and developed in collaboration with major industrial partners in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods industries, Avizo Software allows to visualize, analyze, measure and inspect parts and materials acquired by CT systems and microscopy.

Thermo Scientific Avizo Software provides a comprehensive set of tools addressing the whole research-to-production cycle: from materials research in off-line labs to automated quality control in production environments. With Avizo Software, reduce your design cycle, inspection times, and meet higher-level quality standards at a lower cost.

Demand for safer, stronger, lighter, and more environmentally friendly materials, or materials targeting new applications, is pushing researchers to conceive and produce new kinds of materials. Mathematical models and scientific knowledge about materials allow software applications to create digital models to aid in understanding their engineering properties.

Avizo Software quantifies the arrangement of fibers in materials (carbon or glass reinforced, fabric, paper, etc.), measuring orientation, length, or thickness of individual fibers. Porous materials can be characterized by detecting and classifying pores according to their morphology, distribution, and inter-connection. A model can be built from the pore network, allowing even deeper understanding of the porous structure.

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Materials characterization
Fiber characterization. Courtesy of Bruker

When designing a new mechanical part, prototyping its manufacturing process, monitoring quality on the production line, or inspecting it after it fails, X-ray CT combined with software applications allows engineers to optimize their design, increase production quality, and quickly fix a possible design flaw.

Avizo Software allows for detection and quantification of porosity: distribution, clustering, closest pore, distance to surface of the part), corrosion, cracks in metal alloys or polymer parts, delamination, gluing issues, change of density, or voids in the matrix in a composite material part, for instance.

Avizo Software can measure wall thickness and import CAD models to perform surface deviation analysis.

Defect analysis on compressor housing

Defect analysis on compressor housing. Data courtesy of CyXplus

Great advances in the resolution of computed tomography acquisition systems together with state-of-the-art analysis software have now reached a level of precision to be suitable for dimensional metrology in industrial inspection.
Avizo Software for industrial inspection provides advanced dimensional metrology tools for defining a test plan on a reference part. Such test plans can be replayed automatically on any part corresponding to the reference. Automatic Accept or Reject decisions can be made by evaluating the results of the test plan processing. A set of nominal values including tolerancing information can be defined on a reference part in order to inspect all parts and check for compliance.

While digital industrial inspection aims at improving production quality, the inspection process should also be able to provide cost reductions and support increased productivity. The ultimate goal is to fully automate complex inspection scenarios.

Avizo Software for industrial inspection provides an advanced recipe mechanism that allows defect detection and part characterization to be automated. For a particular inspection workflow, the recipe is created just once and can then be replayed at any time. The recipe includes advanced analysis processes that give meaningful insight about defects that are detected during the inspection. The automatically generated quantifiable measurements allow a proper assessment of the part quality.

While digital industrial inspection aims at improving production quality, being able to document the results generated during the inspection workflow and maintain a proper traceability of these results is of utmost importance.

Avizo Software for industrial inspection provides reporting and traceability mechanisms. The generation of these reports can even be automated through the recipe functionality.

Reports can include 3D visualization snapshots of the generated results as well as spreadsheets containing the results of the different analyses. Each result generated through the inspection workflow contains a history log describing the different steps leading to this particular result.

Complex inspection scenarios, combining multiple recipes on different sub-regions of the part or material, can be created using Avizo Designer software. Scenarios can combine multiple steps of visual inspection and automatic or manual measurements. Inspector services run scenarios created with Avizo Designer software and will accept or reject a part according to automated or interactive acceptance and/or tolerance values associated with automatic and/or manual measurements.

Avizo In-line software directly connects Inspector services with the acquisition system, streamlining the inspection process. Avizo Service software, included with In-line, pre-processes data pushed to a DICOM/DICONDE server; performs pre-processing, such as multi-part splitting, part registration to reference model, and acquisition artifact reduction; then dispatches the pre-processed part to a scalable collection of Inspector services. At any time, the results of inspection scenarios can be accessed with Reviewer services, where each step of the scenario can be reviewed and a final decision on part acceptance made. Avizo In-line software also includes user administration, allowing assignment and management of different permission levels.

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