Materials characterization and quality control

Avizo Software for Materials Science

3D visualization and analysis of your imaging data allows you to better understand your materials structure, properties and performances. No matter what scale and data modality you use, Avizo Software provides optimized workflows for advanced materials characterization and quality control. 

Thermo Scientific Avizo Software provides a reliablefully automatablecustomizable and easy-to-use solution allowing you to innovate faster, and produce more reliable and better performing materials.

Transportation, energy production, machinery, building materials and consumer products require development of metals that are lighter, stronger and more durable. New manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing require the development of new types of metal powders.

Avizo Software helps expose the structure-property relationship in metals and alloys. It enables you to fully understand the properties of steel and alloys, in order to quantify their structure and composition, as well as possible defects such as unwanted inclusions. Its advanced set of quantification capabilities allows you to measure the quality of metal powder used for additive manufacturing or to quantify grains distribution, just to name two examples. Sphericity and size distribution of each grain can be measured to assess quality and better understand properties.

Avizo Software’s multi-modality support allows for the fusion of data coming from different EM detectors. It can merge, for example, SEM backscattered images with EDS or EBSD images of the sample, providing an even more efficient workflow from data to knowledge. Its multi-resolution support facilitates a powerful correlative workflow, from discovering areas of interest at the macro level to analyzing the sample at the nanoscale.


Additive manufacturing has emerged as a very promising manufacturing technique, allowing advanced design of complex industrial parts that used to require numerous sub-parts to be assembled together in the past and allowing for production of lighter and stronger innovative parts. Quality of the powder is essential to integrity of the part, and defect analysis is necessary for final quality check of a material sample or a produced part.

Avizo Software offers a complete range of tools from pre to- post printing quality control of industrial parts. Powder can be analyzed within Avizo Software to provide information such as shape and volume distribution, but also detection of pores or inclusions in the grain that can lead to important defect in the final part. Advanced automated defect detection can be applied ona sample or the final part to look for pores such as gas bubbles, inter-layers cracks, or lack of powder fusion for instance.

Additive manufacturing

Ti64 powder analysis - Grain separation, porosity and sphericity analysis. 
Data acquisition: Thermo Scientific HeliScan microCT.


The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) uses Avizo to quantify potential defects in additively manufactured samples.


Additively manufactured scaffold inspection. A common issue in 3D printing is porosity in the printed parts and deviation from the ideal shape as defined by the CAD file.A 3D printed scaffold was scanned with a Thermo Scientific HeliScan microCT and analyzed with Avizo Software to find the segment with the highest amount of porosity, for further study with a PlasmaFIB instrument. Thickness of the segments was also monitored and compared to the CAD file.


Semiconductor device manufacturers and designers routinely push the boundaries of physics. Defect detection and failure analysis, performance and process evaluation, and materials characterization are key to successful commercialization of new electronic device.

Avizo Software’s advanced 3D visualization and image processing tools allow for fast detection of defects such as issues linked to voids in the solder balls of a Ball Grid Array (BGA).



Xtra Library

The Xtra Library provides a collection of add-ons (recipes, scripts, demos) dedicated to specific use cases and workflows, that will help you improve your daily use of Avizo Software and dramatically increase your efficiency.

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The solution of choice for exploring and understanding materials structures and properties

Avizo Software is an advanced application for exploring and understanding materials structures and properties, in a wide range of materials science research areas and for many types of materials.

From straightforward visualization and measurement to advanced image processing, quantification, analysis and reporting, Avizo Software provides a comprehensive, multimodality digital lab for advanced 2D/3D materials characterization and quality control.

Manchester X-Ray Imaging Facility uses Avizo Software
"A job which would take maybe a month to analyze a dataset can be done a lot quicker just using Avizo Software"
"Avizo Software has all these automated methods and is reproducible so it doesn’t matter how many people take the same dataset, as long as they have the same parameters, they will always get the same results, and in research, that consistency is a very important factor"

Tristan Lowe, PhD
Senior Experimental Officer (SEO) at the Manchester X-Ray Imaging Facility

Avizo Software key features

  • Handle any modality, at any scale, of any size:
    –    X-ray tomography: CT, micro-/nano-CT
    –    Electron Microscopy
    –    Synchrotron
  • Support for multi-data/multi-view, multi-channel, time series, very large data
  • Scaling, calibration, conversion, re-sampling
  • Image enhancement, comprehensive filtering and convolution, Fourier frequency transforms
  • Artifact reduction algorithms
  • Advanced multi-mode 2D/3D automatic registration
  • Image stack alignment, arithmetic, correlation, fusion
  • Interactive high-quality volume
  • Orthogonal, oblique, cylindrical and curved slicing
  • Contouring and iso-surface extraction
  • Maximum Intensity or other types of projections
  • Vector and tensor visualization
  • Thresholding and auto-segmentation, object separation, automatic labeling
  • Region growing, snakes, interpolation, wrapping, smoothing
  • Morphological processing, including watershed and basins
  • Machine Learning-based segmentation
  • Automatic tracing of individual fibers
  • Skeletonization
  • 3D surface reconstruction
  • Grid generation for FEA/CFD
  • Intuitive recipe creation, customization, automated replay
  • Built-in measurements, including counts, volumes, areas, perimeters, aspect ratios and orientations
  • User-defined measures
  • Results viewer with spreadsheet tool and charting
  • Automatic individual feature measurements, 3D localization and spreadsheet selection
  • Automated statistics, distribution graphs
  • Feature filtering using any measurement criterion
  • Data registration, deformation, comparison and measurements
  • Porosity detection and measurement
  • Fiber analysis
  • Pre-processing for structural and flow simulations
  • Import of CAD models for actual/nominal comparison
  • Animation and video generation
  • Advanced key frame and object animation
  • Mix images, geometric models, measurements and simulations
  • Annotations, measures legends, histograms and curve plots
  • Export spreadsheets, 3D models, high-quality images

Image-to-simulation workflows:

  • Custom C++ modules development
  • MATLAB™ bridge
  • Python scripting API


Avizo2D Software

AI-powered image data analysis solution for fast and accurate feature and statistics extraction.

Easily build and run image analysis Recipes, combining Deep Learning models, built-in image processing tools, and modules using the ever-increasing Python open source knowledge base.

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