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November, 2017

Volume IV, Edition 5

The  iQ Series of gas analyzers, the latest platform of Thermo Scientific gas analyzers, is now available for purchase and quote. With a user-friendly touch screen display, proactive communications, and the reliability you expect from Thermo Scientific gas analyzers, you now have an instrument that you can monitor remotely, and easily maintain to maximize uptime using the DMC program. 

Here's your five minute tip for the iQ Series DMC program:

A modular subsystem

The iQ Series uses a modular subsystem that creates a simple and highly serviceable instrument. While many instruments use a central board with a single microprocessor that connects to all active components, the iQ Series Gas Analyzer divides up the micro processing into hardware assemblies called “Distributed Measurement and Control” or DMCs.  The specific parameters and calibrations for the DMC are established independently of the instrument and are recognized upon installation in the instrument environment.

A modular subsystem

The new DMC design allows us to offer new & improved features:

  • Depot Repair Service – Simply ship us the defective DMC for repair vs the entire instrument
  • Stock a DMC on the shelf instead of the individual piece parts
  • Update the Maintenance History Log for multiple components with the press of one button
  • Alarms are pointed directly to the DMC exhibiting the problem making troubleshooting easier
  • More diagnostic parameters vs I-Series
  • Serial number and calibration factors of each DMC are read upon installation in the instrument
  • DMCs can be tested separate from the instrument

The DMC Exchange Program

The DMC Exchange Program was developed to allow a customer maximum efficiency and uptime. When participating in the DMC program, customers easily remove DMC and quickly drop in the new DMC, saving time on troubleshooting and repair.

The new DMC design allows us to offer new & improved features:

• 24hr turn around time on all DMC orders
• DMC Exchange shipped with return shipping label for customer convenience
• Price includes overnight shipping to the customer & ground return back to the factory (USA customers)
• Fully tested module includes 6 month warranty
• High-quality shipping box is used for round-trip delivery which helps to save cost & trees (go green)
• Swapping out a DMC module will reduce troubleshooting time vs replacing individual components
• Limit unplanned outages by utilizing our DMC Exchange program as part of a preventive maintenance program

For more information, refer to the DMC Exchange infographic.  

For more information

To learn more about the serviceability of iQ analyzers or to request a quote, visit the iQ Series of Gas Analyzers webpage.

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Factory repair

Schedule your analyzer, calibrator, probe controller or probe for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to factory depot repair for complete maintenance and factory specification service.

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