Comprehensive Legionella Testing Solutions

During the current lockdown periods that have been put in place by many Governments to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, many premises have been left unoccupied and unattended. Unused water systems increase the likelihood of Legionella growth, and a corresponding health risk as businesses begin to reopen.

With a market leading portfolio covering both conventional and PCR workflows, Thermo Fisher Scientific is constantly looking for new ways to improve and extend our Legionella testing range to better meet the needs of our customers.

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Our Solutions

As part of our comprehensive range of Legionella media, Thermo Scientific™ Legionella GVPC Agar (ISO 11731:2017 compliant formulation) has recently been optimized to increase inhibition of non-target organisms enabling improved recovery of sensitive target strains like Legionella anisa.

Our new qualyfast® Legionella range of sample preparation and qPCR detection kits. Offering a complete workflow for environmental testing laboratories, the solution enables rapid determination using state of the art DNA detection technology.

The qualyfast kits, which are stable at room temperature, offer a simple and easy-to-use workflow including; sample preparation to eliminate false-positives that can occur in the presence of DNA from dead cells, rapid and sensitive qPCR detection technology in pre-dosed and lyophilized reagents, for confident determination of the presence or absence of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila, quantification standards for accurate and reproducible enumeration testing.

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Results can be obtained as quickly as 2.5hrs for Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila in one single test, and complies with ISO 12869.

From sample preparation, culture and identification to rapid PCR testing, Thermo Fisher Scientific is the ideal partner for all your Legionella water testing requirements.

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