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Weigh, count and reject in a single, dynamic checkweigher system from a trusted checkweigher manufacturer. Weigh large, heavy packages without stopping or recalibrating the checkweigher conveyor. With Thermo Scientific food weighing equipment customized to your specifications, you can depend on accurate weight control, maximized efficiency, and consistent product throughput, even in rugged industrial environments. From raw or frozen products, bags, cases or barrels to mailers, totes and cases, our high-rate checkweighers will keep your line moving toward maximum productivity at all times.

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Other dynamic checkweighers and in-line scales

Drive down total cost of ownership for dry package weighing applications with the fixed height Thermo Scientific Versa Flex Checkweigher. This general purpose unit weighs light to heavy-weight packaged food, pharmaceutical and personal care products. 

Improve accuracy and decrease maintenance and product giveaway with the Thermo Scientific Versa Flex GP Checkweigher. This height-adjustable cantilever unit weighs a wide range of packaged food, pharmaceutical and personal care products in dry environments.

Meet the high performance standards of the pharmaceutical industry with the Thermo Scientific Versa Rx Pharmaceutical Checkweigher. 

Improve throughput with the Thermo Scientific Versa 8120 Chain Checkweigher. With line speeds up to 700 packages per minute, this checkweigher provides high-speed weighing, control, and reject functions for cartons, cans, bottles, and pouches in dry or wet environments.

Maximize your productivity with the durable and dependable Thermo Scientific Versa Frame 44HB Heavy Duty Weighframe, designed for rugged industrial environments with line rates up to 100 packages per minute (up to 300 fpm depending on package length).

Perform dependable and accurate in-line weighing of cases, bags, and large packages up to 110 lb (50 kg) with the Thermo Scientific Large Case and Bag Checkweigher - Versa Frame 44 and Box-Series.

Improve efficiency and profitability with a checkweigher designed for better accuracy and faster speeds. The Thermo Scientific Global Versa GP Checkweigher is a versatile, general purpose checkweigher that scans at line speeds up to 350 packages per minute without ever sacrificing accuracy.

Maximize profits and minimize product giveaway with the Thermo Scientific Global VersaWeigh Checkweigher. This versatile, scalable system is easy-to-use and maintain and now features more than 10 engineering and functionality improvements.

Experience unparalleled speed and accuracy in today's demanding, high-rate canning lines with the Thermo Scientific Versa Teorema Checkweigher. Combining rugged capability with accuracy, the Versa Teorema checkweigher provides a new standard in high-rate can weighing.

Eliminate the expense of two machines. The Thermo Scientific Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector gives you both accurate weight control and the assurance that your product is free of metal contaminants—all in a single space-saving instrument.

Experience maximum productivity with true in-motion weighing of a variety of packages. The Thermo Scientific Versa Flex Frame 44HD Checkweigher can be configured with an FDA-approved food-grade belt and it is an ideal checkweigher for the pharmaceutical, warehouse, and personal care products industries.

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Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line. That means knowing that the weight of a packaged product being shipped out the door matches the weight on the label. Do you have the right food weighing equipment for providing reliable weight control? To find out how checkweighers work, and which checkweigher system will work best for you, read A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing.

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Is your checkweigher a millennial or a baby boomer?

Has your checkweigher kept up with the times? If you've had your checkweigher system for a while, it might be time to evaluate it using these 10 criteria recommended by checkweigher manufacturers.

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Minimize give-away while making sure all your products meet labeled weight and nutritional information. To find out how, view helpful suggestions from Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading checkweigher manufacturer, in the infographic 10 Tips for Top Checkweigher Performance.

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