Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Units

Add leading metal detection technology to flexible checkweighing solutions to minimize space and integrate operation. For the highest level of food safety and integration, a Thermo Scientific Sentinel 3000 or 5000 metal detector with Multiscan technology can be mounted either on the weighframe or on an external infeed conveyor.

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Features and benefits

  • Several metal detector model options to optimize system size, sensitivity and price
  • Wide range of checkweigher belt widths and lengths to fit your production line
  • Dual rejecters separating foreign objects from over/ under weights to facilitate root cause problem determination and action
  • Sentinel metal detector interface can be displayed on the Versa touchscreen making combined set-up and operation easier and faster

5 reasons to consider a combo* system for improved food safety and quality

1. A new combo system upgrades your entire production line:

1. A new combo system upgrades your entire production line:

Food safety and quality go together. So why have new technology for one part of your product inspection solution and old technology for the other? A new combo system gives you the best of both, upgrading your capability for the ultimate in brand protection.

2. Combos save space:

2. Combos save space:

Floor space and line length can be precious in a typical food processing facility. A combo where the metal detector is mounted on the same conveyor as the checkweigher can have up to a 50% smaller footprint than two stand-alone systems.

3. Combos are easier to use:

3. Combos are easier to use:

With the Thermo Scientific VersaWeigh Checkweigher and Thermo Scientific Sentinel 3000 Multiscan Metal Detector harmonized, communications between the metal detector and checkweigher means operation, set-up, program management, statistics, alarms and rejection can be managed through a single controller for ease of use.

4. Combos provide superior value

4. Combos provide superior value:

Truly integrated combos share hardware resulting in significant savings compared to purchasing a separate metal detector and checkweigher.

5. Combos are more convenient to service/repair:

5. Combos are more convenient to service/repair:

Thermo Scientific combos are designed to operate as one system, so troubleshooting is easier and faster. A single point of contact also means you get factory-trained field service engineers for the complete system to diagnose problems and maximize equipment uptime.

*Combos are systems that integrate a checkweigher and metal detector into a singleend-of-line inspection point.

Metal detectors available as combos

 Sentinel 3000Sentinel 5000
 Sentinel 3000 metal detectorSentinel 5000 metal detector
ConfigurationIntegral to checkweigher frameFreestanding infeed required
SensitivityHighVery high
Case width250 mmStarting at 330 mm
TechnologyMultiscan for high sensitivity and probability of detectionMultiscan for high sensitivity and probability of detection
Flanges to reduce metal free areaStandardOptional
View metal detector interface on checkweigher screenYesYes

Checkweighers available as combos

 VersaWeighGlobal VersaWeigh
 VersaWeigh checkweigherVersa GP checkweigher
DesignWidest application rangeCantilever design
Weight range10g to 10kg weighing range, high accuracy10g to 3kg weighing range, ultra-high accuracy
Throughput*Up to 400 packs per minute throughputUp to 400 packs per minute throughput
Material handlingBeltBelt
Cleaning**Light wash down, IP65Light wash down, IP65
* Pack rates dependent upon package length, weigh table length and data output/archiving
** For other cleaning and sanitation requirements contact factory

Sentinel 3000 Multiscan Metal Detector for Combo Units

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