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X-ray inspection enables food processors to find many types of foreign objects in food – from metals to stone, glass and even bone. X-ray has grown to become the most popular detection technology because different types of foreign materials can enter the process that would not be detectable by a metal detector. Thermo Scientific offers flexible solutions that span from easy to use, affordable workhorse models to highly specialized and powerful systems to meet particular application requirements.

Check out the technology options below. We’re here when you’re ready for a free demo or product test – or just have a question for our application experts.  (You may even find that one of our advanced technology metal detectors may be best suited to your needs.) Together we can find the right solution to protect consumers and your brand.

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 NextGuard C330NextGuard C500NextGuard ProXpert ConveyorXpert BulkXpert Sideshoot
 NextGuard C330NextGuard C500NextGuard ProXpert ConveyorXpert BulkXpert Sideshoot
Max inspectable area13.4 in. wi. x 7.3 in. ht. 19.7 in. wi. x 9.8 in. ht. 19.7 in. wi. x 9.8 in. ht. 15.7 in. wi. x 10 in. ht. 19.4 in. wi. x2 in. ht. 7 in. wi. x10.8 in. ht.
Package Type
Bulk flow products




Plastic bottles and cans






Washdown ratingIP65 with ACIP65IP65, stainless steel bearings and gear motorIP65 standard, IP69K optionalIP65IP65
Typical sensitivity0.8–1.5 mm SST, 2–5 mm glass1.5–2 mm SST, 4–7 mm glassSame as standard models1–2 mm SST, 4–7 mm glass1–2 mm SST, 3–5 mm glass1–2 mm SST, 3–5 mm glass
Max X-ray power 160W200WSame as standard models315W315W315W
Relative price$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Max product weight13 lbs24 lbs110 lbs88 lbs88 lbsN/A external conveyor
X-ray beam orientationVertical, bottom up, no blind spotsVertical, bottom up, no blind spotsVertical, bottom up, no blind spotsVertical, top downVertical, top downHorizontal, back to front
Belt speed range10–120 m/min5–50 m/min5–120 m/min5–60 m/min5–60 m/min5–80 m/min
Single conveyor with reject integrated  N/A external conveyor
Multi-lane operation 
Remote technical support
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Read A Practical Guide to Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food, a newly updated and expanded foreign object detection ebook for the food industry to:

  • Learn the basics of technology options.
  • Gain insights into the factors to considering when selecting a detection technology.
  • Learn how our process can pinpoint the best fit for your application.

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