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HID Spotlights

HID Spotlights


5 human identification moments that mattered in 2016

Let’s take some time to review what’s been accomplished in forensic DNA analysis during 2016. These advancements in human identification help make the world more secure, provide justice to victims of sexual assault, and free the innocent.


You’re invited to join Thermo Fisher Scientific during our HIDS 2017 Conference in Vienna, Austria

We look forward to seeing you at the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen, May 16–17, 2017, for our third annual HIDS Conference, and we anticipate again welcoming over 300 participants from over 50 countries. Enjoy 25 speakers, and share your needs, directions, and feedback with colleagues from around the world. As in previous years, attendance for HIDS 2017 will be free of charge, so don’t miss out. Save the date now and pass on the invitation to colleagues whom you think might be interested.


Getting Your Lab Online Without Going Offline

Short on time? With over 300 projects completed around the world, you can trust the Thermo Fisher Scientific HID Professional Services (HPS) team to accelerate your implementation of new workflows. Our global group of forensic scientists has over a century of combined industry experience to help drive the optimization of your workflow and minimize the impact to your lab’s daily operations. We help you save valuable resources, so you can focus on productivity. 

How are we doing? We would love to hear from you. 

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Forensic community

Forensic community


The “Y” that’s helping to crack cold cases around the world

Recent headlines offer remarkable demonstrations of just how our tools for human identification are helping law enforcement agencies from South Los Angeles to Western China solve crimes, including some of the most brutal and confounding cases that have remained unsolved for decades.

Forensic Focus

Check out our educational video series, which sheds light on a variety of forensic DNA analysis topics ranging from setting thresholds to creating an analysis method. We aim to provide bite-sized answers to the questions you have every day.

Two Forensic Labs Validate Next Generation Sequencing SNP Panels

This scientific poster features a study from the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) on the increased discrimination power and resolution for detection of whole genome mitochondrial DNA and heteroplasmy for potential mixture interpretation.


Product spotlights

Introducing the new AutoMate Express Forensic DNA Extraction System IC Protocol Card with updated protocol scripts

This new automated solution offers a high level of sensitivity and flexibility, enabling a total of 7 elution volumes on our Applied Biosystems AutoMate Express Forensic DNA Extraction System. The new protocol card maximizes the chance of obtaining an interpretable STR profile from challenging samples. It works with both Applied Biosystems PrepFiler Express standard and BTA protocols.

Save time, money, and bench space with the QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System for human identification—designed to meet your lab’s evolving needs

The new Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System for human identification is designed to deliver top performance with a smaller footprint and lower yearly maintenance costs. By pairing the QuantStudio 5 instrument with the system’s kits and software, you’ll equip your lab for today’s work and tomorrow’s challenges. System components include: Applied Biosystems quantification kits and HID real-time software with a virtual standard curve feature.

Learn how to streamline data processing in your forensic laboratory with Converge Software

Forensic DNA laboratories today encounter numerous challenges when it comes to efficient data management. Converge software not only streamlines and integrates those disjointed day-to-day operations but also helps decrease the number of manual steps involved, and simplifies the complexity of paternity testing.

Forensic science events and training

Forensic science events and training


Emirates International Forensic Conference and Exhibition
April 2–4, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Forensics Europe Expo
May 3–4, 2017, London, UK
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Human IDentification Solutions (HIDS) 2017 meeting
May 16–17, 2017, Vienna, Austria
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ENFSI Annual Meeting
May 17–19, 2017, Berlin, Germany
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May 23–25 2017 Brasília—DF
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Jahrestagung 2017 der DGAB
June 8–10, 2017, Münster, Germany
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International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS)
August 21–25 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG)
August 28–September 2, 2017, Seoul, Korea
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International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) 
October 2-5, 2017, Seattle, Washington
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Specialized forensic DNA training courses on request 
Get training on HID casework workflow, Applied Biosystems™ GeneMapper™ ID-X Software, 3500 Series Genetic Analyzers, the Quantifiler Trio DNA Quantification Kit, HID real-time PCR software, and more.

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