• The Quantifiler® Duo kit uses an alternative human DNA target (RPPH1) and increased amplicon sizes to improve prediction of STR amplification performance and estimation of DNA quantity in degraded samples
  • The Quantifiler® Duo DNA Standard is pooled human male genomic DNA (in contrast to cell-line DNA) for improved stability and correlation with forensic samples
  • The Quantifiler® Duo PCR Reaction Mix has been optimized for expanded multiplex performance
  • The Quantifiler® Duo kit has been designed to guide selection of appropriate AmpFℓSTR® Kit chemistry and maximize recovery of interpretable STR profiles
  • The dynamic range of the Quantifiler® Duo kit is 23pg-50ng/µL (the same as previous Quantifiler® kits), but the highly sensitive assay has consistently demonstrated the ability to detect samples with a DNA concentration as low as 6pg/µL. Please note, however, that detection of <100pg/µL using any amplification-based quantification method is subject to stochastic effects which may result in some uncertainty in quantification results and prediction of amplification success.
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