Depend on the fully automated ID NIMBUS Presto System to precisely purify nucleic acids from lysed samples in a 96-well deep-well plate for use in sensitive downstream analyses such as DNA quantification and STR amplification. With rapid, hands-free processing and high-quality yields of even the most challenging samples, forensic labs can enjoy faster turnaround times with lasting confidence in results. The compact ID NIMBUS Presto System combines the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Presto Purification System on the Hamilton Microlab NIMBUS liquid handling workstation. The system is specifically scripted for use with the Applied Biosystems PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit.

The ID NIMBUS Presto assay-ready workstation is validated for use with the PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit according to the Scientific Working Group for DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM, December 2016).

Key features:

Less hands-on time
  • Purify more samples with less hands-on time—up to 96 samples in less than 90 minutes
  • Simple set-up and walk-away workflow
  • Minimal manual touchpoints to help reduce human error and contamination risk
  • Highly skilled forensic scientists can focus on more complex analyses
High reproducibility
  • Minimal variation in each sample and run
  • Increased process standardization
  • Consistent, reliable, accurate results from a variety of forensically relevant sample types

ID NIMBUS Presto system

The deck-mounted KingFisher Presto instrument contained within the ID NIMBUS Presto System utilizes magnetic particle-based technology to facilitate high-quality nucleic acid purification.  When coupled with PrepFiler extraction chemistry, DNA binds to the magnetic particles, cellular debris/inhibitors are removed, and the bound DNA is eluted through the movement of the magnetic particles across reagent plates (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

A dual-position turntable allows processing of one plate while the integrated Microlab NIMBUS liquid handler simultaneously prepares and transports a second plate, without the need for manual intervention. When used with Hamilton pipette tips, patented Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE) technology creates a tight seal for superior liquid measurement accuracy and precision without tip distortion or aerosol generation during tip pick-up and ejection. CO-RE paddles automatically transport samples around the deck.

Figure 2.

Casework-type samples

A variety of known and non-probative casework-type samples were used to evaluate the ability of the ID NIMBUS Presto System to extract inhibitor-free DNA of the highest quantity and quality possible from common human identification sample types (Figure 3).

Figure 3. 3500xL Genetic Analyzer electropherograms of case-type samples amplified with the GlobalFiler PCR Amplification Kit showing an overlay of all dye channels. The Y-axis is adjusted individually per sample as indicated.

Accurate and contamination-free

A checkerboard pattern, alternating neat blood and saliva samples with extraction reagent blanks, was utilized to confirm that the ID NIMBUS Presto System does not introduce cross-contamination during automated extraction. The NIST F standard was used to assess the accuracy of the process (Figure 4).

Figure 4. (Left) Applied Biosystems Quantifiler Trio plate layout for the contamination and accuracy studies. Reagent blanks are indicated with yellow shading and were placed in a checkerboard pattern with Neat Saliva (NS) or Neat Blood (NB) samples. The NIST F standard was in well 11C. (Right) Quantifiler Trio IPC CT values were obtained from the samples included in the contamination study and were within ±1 CT, indicating that the ID NIMBUS Presto System effectively removes inhibitors from common sample types and does not introduce inhibitors.

Need help bringing products online?

Look no further than our Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) team. Since 2007, we have completed over 700 validation and integration projects in more than 30 countries worldwide. With a dedicated team of validation specialists, each with forensic experience, we provide customers with unparalleled workflow support on our chemistries, instruments, and software. Our HID Professional Services team can support the implementation of the ID NIMBUS Presto System with the PrepFiler Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit in your laboratory.

To learn more about the ID NIMBUS Presto System, please contact your local Thermo Fisher Scientific representative.

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