Opening doors to exciting research in the earth and nuclear sciences

Opening doors to exciting research in the earth and nuclear sciences

Meet the demand for precise isotope ratio measurements with the extraordinary precision, sensitivity, dynamic range and stability of the Thermo Scientific multicollector ICP-MS and TIMS systems. These systems represent a major step forward in multicollector ICP tech­nology and opens the door to ever-expanding applications in the earth and nuclear sciences, as well as other disciplines.

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Meet the ever expanding application demands of geosciences and other disciplines that require high-precision isotope ratio measurements with Thermo Scientific Neptune Series high resolution multicollector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-MS) instrumentation.

Extract high-precision isotope ratio information from your samples with the Thermo Scientific Triton Series Multicollector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS). The Thermo Scientific Triton XT TIMS integrates the established field-proven technologies from the Triton Series instruments with the latest developments in technology for isotope ratio analysis.

Hydrides present the most challenging interferences to effectively resolve, and these interferences can affect high-precision isotope ratio measurements of silicon, magnesium, chlorine, and potassium, among other elements. The new XHR Option for MC-ICP-MS is optimized to resolve interferences introduced by hydrides and other compounds.

Integrate your GC and ICP-MS system – seamlessly!

When GC and ICP-MS systems are seamlessly connected, even applications having the most challenging detection limit are no problem. The Thermo Scientific GCI Series Interface provides easy, reliable measurement of volatile species, down to sub-ppt concentrations.

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Make pioneering discoveries in geochronology

Make pioneering discoveries in geochronology

Gain insights into the age of rocks, minerals, sediments and fossils using gas mass spectrometers.

Amplify your precision

Are you limited in sample size? One of the major challenges in geosciences is the analysis of small ion beams. The analytical precision of these studies is limited by the detection system of your mass spectrometer. The amplifiers, equipped with Thermo Scientific 1013 Ω Amplifier Technology with a new resistor design, enable you to get faster response times and extremely low noise/signal characteristics.

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