Taking earth science, cosmogenic and nuclear researchto the next level

Taking earth science, cosmogenic and nuclear research to the next level

Take the next step in noble gas mass spectrometry. The new series of Thermo Scientific™ noble gas mass spectrometers gives you unsurpassed precision, sensitivity, dynamic range, linearity and stability.

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Featured noble gas mass spectrometers
Improve your geochronology analysis

Improve the precision of Ar-Ar dating by an order of magnitude. Determine the isotope ratios of all five argon isotopes simultaneously with the Thermo Scientific™ Argus VI™ Static Vacuum Mass Spectrometer. 

Achieve high-resolution and high-precision results

Redetermine the isotope ratios of neon, argon, krypton and xenon with the outstanding high resolution and precision of the Thermo Scientific™ Helix MC Plus™ Multicollector Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer.

Explore new research areas with sub-permil precision

Enter new fields of research with unique sub-permil precision by using the new Thermo Scientific™ Helix SFT™ Split Flight Tube Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer.

How noble gas isotopes can improve geoscience analysis
How noble gas isotopes can improve geoscience analysis

The isotopes of the nobles gases He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe are powerful tools in geochronology, cosmochemistry and thermochronology. Discover what our noble gas static vacuum mass spectrometers can do for your research.

Amplify your precision

Are you limited in sample size? One of the major challenges in geosciences is the analysis of small ion beams. The analytical precision of these studies is limited by the detection system of your mass spectrometer. Equipped with 1013 ohm amplifiers with a new resistor design, our spectrometers enable you to get faster response times and extremely low noise/signal characteristics.

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