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Confident proteoform identification and characterization

Uncover and confidently characterize proteoforms within complex matrices, including proteoforms containing truncations, alternative splices, and post-translationally modified proteins. Extensive searches make use of various fragmentation methodologies (e.g., ETD, HCD, UVPD), allowing you to make full use of the high-quality MS/MS data obtained when searching against the full biological complexity present in UniProt. With Thermo Scientific ProSightPC 4.0 and ProSightPD 2.0 software, see what is really there and make the most of your data.

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Key benefits

Sophisticated tools at your fingertipsRemove the guesswork from database managementIntuitive user interface
Utilize several search modes for identifying intact and truncated proteins. ProSightPC offers the ability to search entire raw files or quickly select specific MS2 scans for further searching. Information in UniProt enables the identification of modified or processed proteins.Use the XML format database in order to characterize proteoforms. Post Translational Modifications (PTMs), disulfide bonds sites, and signal peptides are annotated in flat file databases and used for confident proteoform identification.Analyze large datasets with many data files using ProSightPD nodes for Proteome Discoverer. Create multi-step searches and utilize built in results interpretation tools.

Different database search modes allow you to optimize data interrogation based upon your experimental needs. Searches are driven through the use of a flexible, node-based system allowing flexibility of experimental design.

ProSightPD 2.0: Database searching

Further information relating to the two search modes, Absolute Mass Search and Biomarker Search.

Complementary search types: digging deeper in complex proteomics samples

Confident proteoform identification is realized through the use of XML-formatted databases, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Value of flat file database

Improvements to data visualization ensure that you can better interact with and interpret your data, minimizing the time taken to deliver actionable results.

Results view improvements in 2.0

Top-Down Workflows: Compared to standalone ProSightPC software, ProSightPD search and results will be fully integrated in the Proteome Discoverer software environment.

ProSightPD 2.0: Tailored workflows for all types of data

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