Recover, isolate and differentiate right on the plate

Isolate, identify, differentiate, and perform susceptibility testing on plated media delivered ready-to-use in the formulation and format you need from the experts in microbiological media. With thousands of quality assured formulations and formats available, you're sure to find what you're looking for whether it's routine, specialty, or a custom blend somewhere in between.

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Your purpose drives the creation of every plate we make

There's a driving force behind the creation and maintenance of one of the world's largest, most loved portfolios of plated media, and that force is you, the microbiologist. We're microbiologists too. We understand the difference and the needs between all purpose plated media and specific purpose media. That's why, with hundreds of formulations and thousands of combinations of plate sizes and packaging variations, we've got you covered.

Download the prepared media selection guide and use it to discover what we can offer to ensure maximum testing flexibility. Organized by organism type and by functionality, we have plates, bottles, bagged media, dip-slides, diluents and more. Take a look and find the right product to solve your next challenge.

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Clinical Microbiology

Streamline your clinical microbiology workflow with solutions at every step

Identify infections and antimicrobial susceptibility quickly and accurately to guide optimal patient care with powerful manual and automated technologies, and a comprehensive line of media.

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