Portable narcotics identification equipment for CBP and government agencies

Fight drug trafficking with latest testing methods

The illegal drug trade is a worldwide issue. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) organizations charged with stopping narcotics, new synthetic drugs, and other illicit substances from crossing our borders need narcotics identification tools that provide immediate analysis at the port of entry. Raman spectroscopy is becoming the technology of choice for this application because it provides highly accurate results directly at the scene, enabling officers, customs agents, border control, and other personnel to scan more than 450 suspected illicit substances in a single, definitive test.

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Bring the accuracy and reliability of a lab-proven technology directly to the scene with the Thermo Scientific TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer. The TruNarc analyzer is lightweight, easy to use, and performs quick narcotics identification in the field to help keep drugs, and drug dealers, off the streets. The TruNarc analyzer can sample most substances through sealed packaging, increasing officer safety.

Narcotics, synthetics and cutting agent identification categories

TruNarc v1.8 adds field identification capability for many new high priority Alarm substances including several fentanyl derivatives, with the major addition of carfentanil, acrylfentanyl, fentanyl precursors (NPP and ANPP) and pharmaceutical variants (Alfentanil and Sufentanil).

Detect emerging synthetic drugs with handheld Raman technology. With illegal drug targets evolving so rapidly, traditional wet chemistry kits cannot keep pace with the constant influx of unknown substances. The TruNarc analyzer is designed to identify numerous synthetic cathinones right at the scene, even those similar in appearance.

When You Need to Know if the Threat Is Real

Learn about the advanced technology, planning tools, and instruments available to first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, military, and government agencies to aid in the detection of radioactive materials and the identification of chemicals, narcotics, and explosive threats. Includes grant information. Read A Practical Guide to Safety and Security Threat Detection Technology.

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The transition from lab-based to field-based analyzers allows users to conduct the same reliable measurements at the point of arrest, reducing the burden on crime labs and accelerating the prosecution process. One of the analytical techniques transitioning from the laboratory to the field is Raman spectroscopy.

This document provides background on Raman spectroscopy’s solid technical foundation and a brief introduction to a new handheld Raman instrument for narcotics identification. Bringing narcotics identification from the lab to the field will help enable faster prosecution while reducing costs.

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