Radiation protection and monitoring instruments for government agencies

Quickly identify a variety of radiation types

Radiation protection goes wherever you go with our compact, portable radiation detection and identification instruments. Our radiation detectors and monitoring instruments feature patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology to detect, locate, and identify radioactive nuclides such as nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, and orphaned or purposely masked sources. We also offer a wide range of alpha and beta probes well suited for a range of applications.

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Quickly distinguish between naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and radiation from man-made sources such as nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices (INDs), or radiological dispersal devices (RDDs). We offers a variety of portable radiation detection devices and instruments for radiation protection and continuous monitoring with immediate alert to a variety of radiation types.

Safeguard military and civil defense outfits and other industries that work with sources of radiation or need to address the problems of orphaned, unknown, and hidden radioactive threats. Thermo Scientific contamination monitors are designed to withstand the demanding environment in which first responders, security forces and military operate.

Optimize efficiency by integrating personnel, area, and environmental radiation monitoring systems into one solution. The Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise Remote Monitoring System is a multifaceted tool set that integrates a variety of environmental and industrial process radiation monitoring instruments. It provides real-time monitoring during normal and outage operations at critical or for applications such as radiological hotspot identification, environmental contamination detection, or routine security surveillance.

Get effective dose monitoring when and where you need it. We offer a variety of electronic personal radiation dosimeters, extremity dosimeters, and comprehensive dosimetry management systems to monitor your exposure to ionizing radiation in any work environment.

Prevent the spread of contamination on any surface that could be exposed to radioactive material. We offer a wide variety of portable alpha, beta, and gamma probes for contamination surveys on large and small objects including table tops, floors, equipment, and personal items.

When You Need to Know if the Threat Is Real

Learn about the advanced technology, planning tools, and instruments available to first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, military, and government agencies to aid in the detection of radioactive materials and the identification of chemicals, narcotics, and explosive threats. Includes grant information. Read A Practical Guide to Safety and Security Threat Detection Technology.

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Radiation is an often overlooked threat, yet unsecured radioactive sources can lead to catastrophic scenarios for law enforcement and emergency response teams, and can have devastating, long-term implications for a community, city or entire region. Here are 5 steps that every law enforcement agency should consider to ensure radiation preparedness.

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Video spotlight: Tools to address radiation threats

Featured threat detection case studies

Where are the best places to monitor fans, do baseline scanning, and set up remote monitoring? Take a look at this Sporting Event Scenario map with markers for safety and security radiation monitoring points.

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How do you monitor all traffic and fans along a parade or race route? How can you tell if there are radiation changes during event?  This case study points out area concerns and suggests product setups at checkpoints, along the route in case fans are carrying sources or placing them in high traffic areas, or even arming vehicles with devices.

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