Touchless narcotics and chemical identification safely and quickly

We offer a portfolio of lab-proven and reliable narcotics and chemical identification products. Whether it be field-based presumptive testing or advanced identification for confirmatory analysis, with a comprehensive and flexible range of offerings, we provide products that fit your specific requirements.

There are many benefits of selecting from our portfolio of products:

  • Methods that keep safety a top priority
  • Clear and definitive results that are easy to understand
  • Tamper proof records that are reliable long-term
  • Non-contact, non-destructive testing methods
  • Accuracy you can trust that is powered by lab-proven technology
  • Rapid results in order to take immediate action

Narcotics ID Products

Explore which instruments would be the most beneficial to you by viewing a comparison chart that identifies the main areas to consider when choosing from our narcotics and chemical identification products. 

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Choose the right narcotics and chemical ID product for your needs:

 Thermo Scientific TruNarc Handheld Narcotics AnalyzerThermo Scientific 1064Defender Handheld Raman AnalyzerThermo Scientific Gemini Raman and FTIR Chemical Analyzer with LowDoseID
Testing ProcessField-based presumptive narcotics, precursor and cutting agent testing.User flexible instrument for narcotics identification.Integrated Raman and FTIR for narcotics, chemical and explosive identification with LowDoseID.
Agencies who are looking for a tool where presumptive testing of narcotics is the primary focus or fentanyl is prominent.Agencies who also want a flexibly library to include their own substances.  Agencies looking for an advanced chemical identification analyzer that offers multiple technologies for confirmatory analysis within the same instrument.
Key BenefitsEfficient, economical and safe.Definitive answers. Maximum flexibility.The industry standard offering integrated Raman and FTIR for chemical and explosive ID.

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safety and security products

From routine security monitoring and surveillance to emergency response situations, our integrated analytical instruments help safety and security professionals detect and mitigate hazardous materials, explosives, and radiological threats to keep the public, and themselves, safe.

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