Up- and down-stream accessories

Process conditions can be simulated in the laboratory with different die geometries and post-extrusion equipment. A hot polymer melt can be shaped as it leaves the extruder with an appropriate die on a torque rheometer or compounder. Such dies might include rod dies, adjustable slit dies, blown film and catheter dies, or fiber and wire coating dies. 

The handling of hot, formable extruded material is a crucial part of the manufacturing process as it significantly influences the properties and surface finish of a material. We offer a wide range of dedicated post-extrusion equipment for such work. The equipment can transport extruded material downstream, prepare it for further tests or mimic full-scale processes. As such, it can be used for small-scale production which is especially helpful when alterations to the polymer formulation and processing parameters are necessary. 

A selection of our accessories for extruder sizes of 11mm, 16mm, 24mm, and for torque rheometers is listed below. Contact us for information about additional accessories.

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Compounding accessory
Compounding accessory

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Product NameCatalog NumberCompatible ProductDescription
25mm (1") Tape, Sheet Die567-2241PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer25 mm (1") Tape, Sheet Die, adjustable die lip 0.2...1.2mm
50mm (2") Tape, Sheet Die567-2242PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer50 mm (2") Tape, Sheet Die, adjustable die lip 0.2...1.2mm
100mm (4") Tape, Sheet Die567-2244PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer100 mm (4") Tape, Sheet Die, adjustable die lip 0.2...1.2mm
150mm (6") Tape, Sheet Die567-2246PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer150 mm (6") Tape, Sheet Die, adjustable die lip 0.2...1.2mm
Blown Film Die557-3175PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer 
Wire Coating Die557-3195PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer 
Catheter Die, Do: 4.5mm, Di: 2.5mm (others on request)557-3185PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer 
Water bath567-7670Process 11 ExtruderSuitable to cool the polymer strand before it is fed into the pelletizer. Includes two rolls to guide the strand within the bath. An included air ring blows off remaining water from the strand.
Mini conveyor belt567-7671Process 11 ExtruderConveyor belt suitable for low throughput applications.
VariCut Pelletizer567-7672Process 11 ExtruderStrand Cutting Variable Length Pelletizer; with variable speed drive and adjustable pellet length. With opening panel for easy cleaning access, fully safety-interlocked, and complete with electrical controls.
Sheet take off567-7675Process 11 ExtruderProcess 11 Sheet take off
Sheet die567-7642Process 11 ExtruderSheet Die for Process 11
MiniJet Adapter567-7641Process 11 ExtruderMiniJet Adapter for Process 11
Process 11 Melt Pump567-7680Process 11 ExtruderA small scale and ease to use melt pump for pulsation free metering. The control of the Process 11 Melt Pump is integrated in the user interface of Thermo Scientific Process 11 Twin-screw Extruder. A pressure sensor protects against over pressure and a definable threshold pressure value protects the melt pump from running dry. The stainless steel housing with integrated-control drive ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
Water Bath with strand guides for EuroLab 16554-1310EuroLab 16 ExtruderStrand cooling water bath in stainless steel.
VariCut strand pelletizer for 16mm554-1340EuroLab 16 Extruder Strand cutting pelletizer with variable speed drive, opening panel for easy cleaning access; fully safety-interlocked and complete with electrical controls. Adjustable pellet length.
Water Bath with strand guides567-5100TSE 24 ExtruderStrand cooling water bath, in stainless steel, complete with castors and strand supporting roller guides.
VariCut strand pelletizer for 24mm567-5200TSE 24 Extruder Strand cutting variable length pelletizer, with variable speed drive, geared to produce pellets with specified lengths between 1.0mm and 3.0mm. With opening panel for easy cleaning access, fully safety-interlocked, and complete with electrical controls.
3D Filament Spooler567-7688Process 11 Extruder, PolyLab OS Rheometer

This 3D filament spooler has a variable line speed and the ability to self-adjust the coil diameter size while spooling since it includes an adaptable pulling force. A filament distribution traverse with selectable travel ensures proper filament spooling over the entire spooling width. Supports various types of coil sizes. Use  the compact benchtop version or for use with a movable support for a floor standing extruder.

Die face-cut pelletizer554-2350TSE 24 ExtruderDie face-cut pelletizer, with special die adaptor, variable speed drive, opening housing for easy-cleaning access.
Blown film system554-2460TSE 24 ExtruderComplete with die adaptor
Wire coating take-off557-2604PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC Rheometer, TSE 24 Extruder, EuroLab 16 ExtruderWire coating take-off for defined taking off, cooling and winding a coated cable. Horizontal feeding of the wire through the die and take-off; cooling directly after the die; integrated pump for continuous cooling; integrated winder with automatic speed compensation.
Blown film-take-off557-2602PolyLab OS Rheometer, PolyLab QC RheometerBlown film-take-off for accurately taking off blown films. Collapsing guide out of wooden strips. Integrated blower unit for blown film cooling and film diameter adjustment and integrated winder, 2 squeezing chill rolls.
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