Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

Budget constraints? We've got you covered.

Meet the Nicolet Summit LITE FTIR Spectrometer

Delivering performance at a price you can afford. The Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit LITE FTIR Spectrometer is the newest addition to the Nicolet Summit product family. The Nicolet Summit LITE incorporates new hardware and software innovation that helps users work faster and smarter. Engineered with the same Thermo Scientific LightDrive Optical Engine technology found in more advanced spectrometers, the Nicolet Summit LITE delivers improved instrument performance and increased laboratory productivity and low cost of ownership with 5-year warranty on the interferometer, laser and source. 

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Intuitive Software 

The Nicolet Summit LITE is driven by Thermo Scientific OMNIC Paradigm software. OMNIC Paradigm utilizes a user-friendly dashboard to help users:

OMINC Paradigm Software
  • collect data
  • view recent work
  • check instrument diagnostics
  • process spectra
  • conduct multi-component searching
  • create customizable workflows

With OMNIC Paradigm users can switch between the touch-centric and desktop interfaces to meet their needs. The touch-centric interface is ideal for streamlining analysis down to a few short steps. While the desktop interface is where users can create libraries, build workflows and perform advanced spectral processing.   

The Nicolet Summit LITE incorporates advanced hardware-software features to minimize errors and maximize productivity. The spectrometer uses a built-in, multi-colored LED LightBar that provides users with immediate visual feedback on instrument status and pass/fail results. OMNIC Paradigm stores all spectral data in a database, which provides more data storage flexibility and security. Users can even assign tags to measurements for easy querying of the data. The database infrastructure and built-in qualification workflows keep your data compliant and well protected.  

Experience cloud-based connectivity

Stay connected to your lab from anywhere in the world. With the Nicolet Summit LITE, users can easily upload data to Thermo Fisher Connect, a cloud-based software application. The OMNIC Anywhere cloud-based software platform lets you analyze and share data anywhere, anytime and on any device. Since OMNIC Anywhere is a cloud-based application any device can be used. 

OMNIC Anywhere
OMNIC Anywhere
Thermo Fisher Connect
Thermo Fisher Connect

The Nicolet Summit Spectrometer comes in three models: LITE, Standard or PRO.

 Nicolet Summit LITE SpectrometerNicolet Summit SpectrometerNicolet Summit PRO Spectrometer
LightDrive Optical Engine (laser, source, interferometer)
Warranty on LightDrive laser, source and interferometer5-year10-year10-year
OMNIC Paradigm Software
Pharmacopeia workflows
Included library/reference spectra8505,00010,000
User InterfaceUSBIntegrated Windows 10 ComputerIntegrated Windows 10 Computer
Wi-Fi enabled 
Touchscreen available 
Internal motorized aperture   
CMD SchemaApp code