Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Series is an innovative platform of high-end metals analyzers built on decades of Spark OES expertise and know-how. It can analyze all the elements necessary in your current and future applications with high accuracy and precision. It is the answer to your analytical needs for process and quality control in primary metal production, elaboration, casting and transformation involving metals and alloys and for central and service laboratories dealing with all kinds of metallurgical samples.

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ARL iSpark Series offers the following advantages:
  • Unique PMT optics
  • Revolutionary digital spark generator
  • Innovative spark stand design
  • Advanced acquisition technologies and processing algorithms
  • Most advanced OES analysis of micro-inclusions
  • Smart argon management with argon saving modes
  • Iron and steel
  • Non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Fine precious metals
  • Non-metallic inclusions
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