Verify Metal Chemistry

Metal Fabrication Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Material verification of alloys is critical to product performance and quality assurance. The potential for material mix-ups and the need for traceability are concerns at every step of the fabrication process.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a pioneer in the handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) field. We offer the most complete solution available for alloy QC and QA. Fabricators around the world rely on our Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ handheld analyzers for speed, precision and simplicity. Benefits include:

Verify Metal Chemistry
  • Instant alloy grade ID for improved throughput
  • Non-destructive testing for simplicity and ease of use
  • Detailed part chemistry and reporting for traceability in the supply chain

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Video spotlight

Customer testimonial: Chip Ganassi Racing

Chip Ganassi Racing, makers of Nascar racing cars, uses Niton analyzers to measure all the metal they use in car fabrication, from the chassis to suspension components, to make sure they are up to design specs.

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