FTIR Academy Showcase

Here you can find everything FTIR, from the most basic (what do “FT” and “IR” mean?) to applications using hyphenated techniques, like TGA-IR. Along the way, you can find information on sample preparation for transmission experiments, the power of FTIR Microscopy and charts relating chemical structure to the infrared spectrum. Come back often, as this content is being updated continually.

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Learn about Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

FTIR subtopics

FTIR Basics

Your starting point for learning about FTIR, this section covers what “FTIR” stands for and how it works. We also introduce the main sampling techniques and provide a more extensive overview of how they can be used to answer your questions.

FTIR Sampling Techniques

An in-depth training section, this will cover transmission, reflection, DRIFTS and ATR accessories, their use and care. The reasons for choosing one or the other method will become clear, and the strengths of each method will be highlighted. Stress here is on sample preparation and experiment optimization.

FTIR Applications

This area contains a lot of content, from webinars and videos to application notes. A wide breadth of applications in FTIR will be found, basic to advanced, and more technical content covering instrument performance and operations. You will find considerable content about FTIR Microscopy in this section as well.


Our market leading expertise in FTIR and FTIR Microscopy is not just about the instruments, but it is due to our wide experience and knowledgeable staff. We have gathered here many of the questions we have been asked, and will add to this section frequently.

Featured FTIR video

FTIR Detectors: Basics

Dr. Michael Bradley provides an overview of two common FTIR detectors, DTGS and MCT, to help you choose the right detector for your FTIR applications.

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FTIR Virtual Lab

Teach the fundamentals of FTIR spectroscopy to chemistry students in a remote setting. Software workflows and online analysis tools walk students through the collection and processing steps, which can be done anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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FTIR Virtual Lab

New! Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

Fast. Reliable. Connected. 
With no time to waste, rely on the new Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer to deliver answers 30% faster than the Nicolet iS5 Spectrometer. 

  • LightBar for pass/fail results
  • OMNIC Paradigm Software workflows
  • LightDrive Optics for fast, reliable data
  • Built-in computer with Wi-Fi and Ethernet

This compact spectrometer has a built-in Windows® 10 computer, allowing you to run automated workflows from a touchscreen interface or directly connect a monitor and keyboard – no need to buy a laptop! 

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Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

Spectroscopy, Elemental & Isotope Analysis Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of application notes, case studies, videos, webinars and white papers covering a range of applications for Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy, Near-infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometry, X-Ray Fluorescence, and more.

  • Knowledge Base
    Thermo Scientific Knowledge Base for Molecular Spectroscopy offers a web-based, self-help option for answering product questions, accessing documentation and resolving issues.
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