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High performance at great value and low cost of ownership. Perform efficient, accurate trace elemental analysis with these high-performance double beam, graphite furnace and dual-atomizer double beam AA spectrometers.

AA spectrometer selection guide

iCE 3300 AA

iCE 3300 GF AA

iCE 3400 AA

iCE 3500 AA

AtomizerFlameFurnaceFurnaceFlame & Furnace
Vapor atomizationOptional
Furnace vision systemNoOptionalOptionalAs standard
Carousel6-lamp auto-aligning
OpticsSingle-beamSingle-beamDouble-beam, Stockdale & self-referencing ZeemanDouble-beam, Stockdale & self-referencing Zeeman
PhotomultiplierStandard & optional wide-rangingStandard & optional wide-rangingWide-ranging
Wavelength range (nm)185 - 760185 - 760180 - 900
Size (mm)W 575, H 527, D 595W 575, H 527, D 595W 788, H 527, D 595W 788, H 527, D 595
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