Advanced Bioprocessing expands the Gibco line of products and services

Now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the Advanced Bioprocessing portfolio extends the Gibco line of products and services including cell culture media, supplements and feeds (bionutrients) for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and animal and human vaccine markets for mammalian, insect, and microbial cultures.

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New offerings within the Gibco portfolio

Animal origin—free (AOF)

AOF peptones are used to enhance the performance of basal or platform media, while offering a lower risk alternative to animal-based supplements. Our unique blends of yeast and soy peptones, which are high in carbohydrates and amino acids, provide essential nutrients to increase cell culture performance and protein production across a variety of cell lines and applications, including the production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and biosimilars. As importantly, our stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures help to reduce variability to give you a more consistent product.

Animal origin (AO)

AO peptones offer a rich source of nutrients for both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation. Our extensive line of bovine, porcine and casein sourced peptones offers an alternative to serum, while helping to increase yield and maintain protein quality.  Combined with our stringent quality standards and rigorous raw material screening, our animal origin products are developed specifically for human and animal health biopharmaceutical applications.

Note: Difco is a trademark of Becton Dickinson and Company and is used under license.

Our products have been used in batch, fed-batch, and perfusion processes across a number of applications to improve protein production and quality.  As the cell culture industry looks for new ways to reduce variability and continue to increase protein production, many customers are seeking chemically defined products to replace traditional peptones.

To this end a diverse set of fully chemically defined, animal-free, and protein free cell culture supplements has been designed and formulated to mimic some of the most commonly used peptones. Our line of chemically-defined supplements, Gibco Recharge™ and Gibco Resurge™ have been successfully used in a variety of applications including the production of mAb, biosimiliars and vaccines.

Designed specifically for biopharmaceuticals

We offer an expanded selection of specialty media products to help you achieve optimal production yields, while minimizing media development time. Our catalog media are nutrient rich and designed to specifically increase production and titer in large-scale biopharmaceutical applications.

Our pre-formulated production catalog media, including Gibco Cell Media, are designed for specific applications which can be expanded for a broader range of cell lines and application available through consultation and services.

Through our Media Design Services, we can offer an extensive library of complete cell culture media, which can be tailored to meet specific cell line requirements. Our media library includes animal-free and chemically defined options designed to meet specific customer needs.

Customizable solutions for your media and feed development needs

We offer a full of range of services from custom media and feed formulations to optimization of existing media and feeds.  Our experience, combined with our proven methodology and extensive analytical capabilities, allow us to provide customers with customized medium solutions to meet their timeline and budget needs.

Media Enrichment Servicesa suite of media enrichment services is available if you are looking to improve an existing medium.  From a quick supplement screen to an intensive feed strategy development, we can improve your pre-existing medium to help you achieve your desired yield and performance.

  • Supplement Screen
  • Media Enhancement
  • Feed Strategy Development

Media Design Services – we have a proven track record in building optimal production media to meet the stringent requirements of biopharmaceutical drugs. Our media design services provide a customized solution to our customers with time, budget and quality in mind.  Our proven iterative methodology provides predictability, transparency and results.

  • Media Library Panel Screen
  • Full Medium Design
  • Full Medium and Feed Design
  • Specialty Media Service
  • Collaborative Partnership

Bioprocessing resources

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