ClonePixTM FL is an instrument that automatically images, selects, and picks mammalian cell colonies based upon a number of parameters such as size, roundness and proximity to neighbors, or far more specific information such as quantitative protein secretion or specific protein production.  Novel clone selection algorithms developed by Invitrogen for the ClonePix instrument allow for rapid screening through thousands of clones in a few hours, thereby alleviating a bottleneck typically experienced in development.  It is offered for the selective cell screening of client-generated polyclonal or clonal cell pools of a wide range of cell types (e.g., CHO, NS0, hybridoma, HEK 293, etc.) or as part of Invitrogen's cell line development service.

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How ClonePix FL Technology Works

  • Disperse cells into semi-solid matrix
  • Allow cells to grow into colonies
  • Capture secreted protein of interest with a fluorescently-tagged antibody
  • Image, analyze, pick

Sample Workflow and Timing of a ClonePix FL Project

Client Provides:

Polyclonal Pool
Media formulations, Protocols, Assays

Invitrogen's Process (3 months):

Assay, Material, and Process Transfer

Feasibility Studies (Examples):
Evaluate media formulations suitable for cell growth in semi-solid matrix and/or
Screening of appropriate fluorescence labeled antibody against protein of interest

Plate cells into semi-solid media in well plates containing fluorescence labeled antibody

Screen for best secreting clones using ClonePix FL based on shape, size and fluorescence intensity

Pick individual colonies into 96-well plates

Transfer colonies to duplicate 24-well plates

24-well Plates, Set 1:
  • Sub-culture plates as required
24-well Plates, Set 2:
  • Sample each well for assessment of protein expression levels

Select, expand, and freeze top clones from Sets 1 and 2 based on assay results

Shake flask evaluation of selected clones

Stability Assessment

If stable - Criteria met

Delivery of high-producing clones

Process Optimization Services

Our PD-Direct process development team will evolve bench scale operations into consistent and well-characterized manufacturing processes in a manner that best meets your goals. We can provide unique solutions to enhance your manufacturing processes, ranging from vector construction through to media and cell line optimization, to process characterization and scale-up for manufacturing.

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