Gibco cGMP Media Custom Services

For large-scale clinical or commercial biomanufacturing applications, rely on Thermo Fisher Scientifc world-class validated Gibco cGMP Custom Services.

Gibco cGMP Media Custom Services feature:

  • Technical Support from our R&D and Bioproduction Application Specialists
  • Industry-leading quality systems and regulatory support
  • 10,000 L animal component-free formulation vessel for liquid products
  • Unique add-mix capability that utilizes Liquid Media Concentrates (LMC) to produce 30,000 L batches of liquid media

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We offer custom cell culture media batches from 1 to 10,000 liters of liquid and 1 to 8,000 kg of powder.

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The bioproduction team offers small scale manufacturing in our Gibco MediaExpress lab and large cGMP batches in our AO and AOF facilities.

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We offer a variety of standard and custom packaging options including a wide variety of bags and bottles to meet your custom cell culture needs.

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Many QC tests are performed on all of our cGMP custom media products.  In addition to testing for standard pH, osmolality, and sterility, we're happy to offer many additional QC tests, including trace element analysis. Choose from a broad range of tests that you may add to your custom media order.

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