Rapid access to diverse libraries of media and feeds to help identify optimal formulations for target clones.


When you evaluate a Gibco Panel, you have access to media and feed formulations developed specifically for CHO or HEK293 cells. Along with the panel, a study plan is provided to simplify your experimental design, as well as support from our technical team throughout the evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, our team of scientists can provide an analysis of your results and recommend next steps.

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Panel Key benefits

  • Rapidly access our library of diverse, ready-to-use formulations to help identify the optimal nutrient balance for a target clone
  • Gain technical support throughout the process from a field application scientist who will act as an extension of your R&D team, providing consultation, data analysis, and summary reporting
  • Expedite your route to further media and feed optimization and cGMP manufacturing

CHO media and feed panels

The Gibco CHO Media and Feed Panel formulations provide distinct levels of various nutrients to help you determine which components are driving productivity in your cell culture process. Upon completion of your CHO panel evaluation, you can scale-up using our Gibco Rapid Prototyping or cGMP manufacturing services, or you can easily customize the formulations to further optimize your process.

Viral Vector HEK media panel

The Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel accelerates gene therapy development and production by providing media that covers a broad variety of suspension HEK293 cells without being tied to specific transfection reagents or techniques. The ready-to-use formulations will help you identify an optimal formulation for your target cell line. The media are optimized for higher titers, are scalable, and may be customized through supplementation to improve performance further.

Benefits and importance of formulation diversity

Panel evaluations provide formulation diversity not found when testing catalog products individually. With catalog products, limited formulation information is available, making it challenging to set up an evaluation that is truly diverse. Testing a media or feed panel gives you a broader range of formulations–increasing the possibility that you will be able to narrow in on a nutrient composition that best supports your clone’s specific needs. 

The Gibco Media and Feed Panel Evaluations were developed with diversity in mind, providing you a panel of products that each have distinct formulation and nutrient levels, allowing you to quickly narrow in on the components driving increases in productivity and quality. 

Bioprocessing resources

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