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Stable, reliable, raw material sourcing

High quality chemicals are essential components of bioproduction as they are at the heart of each step of the workflow. With continually evolving challenges—changing regulations, cost pressures, risk mitigation—reliable, established suppliers must be committed to providing stable and cost-effective chemicals worldwide.

Gibco Chemicals utilize a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to provide manufacturing that meets requirements for cGMP and ISO certification, supports OTIF distribution, and offers a suite of supply chain services. By expanding the Gibco product portfolio with the introduction of Gibco Chemicals, Thermo Scientific Production Chemicals and Services is committed to build on the legacy of supplying materials that consistently meet the gold standard of reliability that has been trusted by customers for decades.

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A family of multi-compendial amino acids

The Gibco Chemicals amino acid portfolio meets multi-compendial classifications such as USP, EP, and JP requirements to fulfill your regulatory compliance needs. We also offer product-specific Technical Information Guides to provide comprehensive documentation to meet your validation requirements and ensure your material specifications are being met. Our teams will work with you to ensure reliable demand planning as well as address any further customization.

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Compendial alignment of available amino acids* † 

* All items are USP/EP/JP compliant unless noted otherwise
† Three-lot samples are available for customer qualification.
‡ European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) only.
** United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) only.

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Gibco Water for Injection (WFI)

With Gibco Water for Injection (WFI) for bioproduction, you can expect consistent and reproducible results in every application. Customized packaging is available in sizes ranging from 500 mL to 1,000 L, and Gibco WFI for Cell Culture is also now available in 20 L and 200 L sizes.

These products comply with multi-compendial testing in accordance with Packaged Sterile Purified Water and Sterile Water for Injection Standards and with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) specifications. They are manufactured in ISO-certified, cGMP, and FDA-registered facilities. Get pure, cell culture grade water in a variety of customer bioprocessing container (BPC) sizes.

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Available WFI Water products
WFI Water

Additional products–salts, biological buffers, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and more

Along with new product categories that will be launching soon, we are open to meeting our customers' needs with new products that are managed through our manufacturing and quality systems to ensure your needs are supported from scale up to commercial production.



Customization possibilities

Full quality support including supplier management

While providing full supply chain transparency, we also have Production Chemical Custom Packaging Services and global cGMP manufacturing capabilities and supplier quality management systems. Allow us to utilize our resources to manage your unique material requirements through Thermo Fisher Scientific systems to ensure you get the oversite required.


Optimize for manufacturing

Gibco Chemicals is easy to customize in ways that optimize your manufacturing process by packaging type, size, or tailgate sampling through Production Chemical Custom Packaging Services. If you have unique specifications that must be met, we can add those to your specific product needs to ensure total compliance. We’re committed to provide you options that enhance your space, process, and efficiency.


Gibco cell culture insulin is primarily used in upstream vaccine production to promote cell growth. It is available in a range of convenient package sizes and is produced in a completely AOF site. We also offer product-specific technical information guides to provide comprehensive documentation to meet your validation requirements and ensure your material specifications are being met.

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Available cell culture products
Choline Chloride
Cellculture insulin


Gibco Chemicals offers high quality raw materials with cGMP quality, supply chain transparency, customizable packaging and more. View our video to learn about how our Gibco products and our supply chain services can be beneficial to help you focus on your process for developing and manufacturing life-changing therapeutics.

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