Thermo Scientific Single-Use Flexible Containment

We have been manufacturing single-use flexible containment products for over 20 years. Single-use technologies have been widely adopted, not only in research and process development, but are now the foundation for entire manufacturing suites. To meet the increased demand and quality expectations, we’ve expanded the single-use technologies manufacturing network to bring manufacturing close to our customers and harmonize our quality systems and processes.

Secure your single-use supply with our expanded global manufacturing network​

Our expanded manufacturing network will include three BioProcess Container (BPC) chamber and assembly manufacturing centers in Logan, Utah, Millersburg, Pennsylvania, and Cramlington, United Kingdom. In addition, there will be two new assembly centers in Suzhou, China and Singapore.

We are committed to supporting our customers by providing a single-use flexible containment manufacturing infrastructure and reliable supply chain for operations.

Site-to-site harmonization using a global standard component library

Thermo Fisher Scientific Component Library

Our harmonized manufacturing network, systems, and processes ensure that no matter where a BPC or fluid transfer assembly is manufactured, the product meets the same quality and manufacturing standards across all of flexible containment manufacturing sites.

We've established a global standard component library that will enable the use of consistent product components, connectors, filters, tubing, and raw materials across all of our sites providing a consistent and high-quality product, regardless of the manufacturing location.

Qualify multiple sites and ensure you receive consistently manufactured products from any approved location. This is designed to provide long-term commitments with the highest possible on-time in-full deliveries and the shortest possible overall lead times.

Flexible containment product portfolio
Thermo Scientific Single-Use BioProcess Containers

BioProcess Containers (BPCs)

Standard BPCs
Utilizing the global standard component library, these BPCs are readily integrated to help increase productivity.

Custom BPCs
Wide range of possible configurations with customized BPCs helps to ensure optimization of your process.

Bioprocessing Films
Film is the key component of flexible single-use consumables and we have multiple qualified suppliers for our leading films: Aegis5-14 and CX5-14.

Thermo Scientific Specialty BioProcess Containers

Specialty BPCs

Labtainer Pro BPC
The innovative design concept of the Thermo Scientific Labtainer Pro BPC provides flexibility and assurance-without compromise.

Harvestainer BPC
Part of a closed, self-contained, single-use solution for harvesting and separating cell cultures grown on microcarrier beads.

Powdertainer II BPC
Specifically designed for powder containment and dust-free powder transfer operations.

Three60 Single-Use Sampling System
Take representative samples of your product with minimal effort in a closed system.

CentriPAK BioProcess Container
Next-generation centrifuge-ready BioProcess Containers provide a single-use, sterilized, closed system for cell harvesting in BioProcessing.

Thermo Scientific Fluid Transfer Solutions

Fluid Transfer Solutions

Standard and customized solutions
We offer a standard offering of transfer assemblies using our global standard component library as well as customized fluid transfer solutions specifically for your unique process needs.

Standard single-use bottle assembly systems
These easy-to-order configured solutions include rigid support containers with preconfigured transfer assembly cap sets, gamma-irradiated for use right out of the package.

Bioprocessing resources

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, posters, white papers and more for bioprocessing: