Imaging platforms and reagents to meet your specific application needs
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Spend more time focused on discovery with easy to-use tools and educational materials for cell imaging, labeling, and detection. Combine powerful Invitrogen imaging and detection reagents with EVOS Cell Imaging Systems, Thermo Scientific Microplate Readers, and CellInsight High Content Analysis platforms. Explore educational resources like the Cell Analysis Learning Center and Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence to learn how to design and optimize your experiments to get publication-quality data.

Find the right imaging and detection tools for your research
  • Enabling in-situ Structural Biology
  • Resolve supramolecular structures
  • Lamella preparation for cryo-EM
  • Truly isotropic 3D resolution
  • Advanced serial block face imaging
  • Integrated 3D visualization software
  • Automated object tracking
  • Custom analyses on time series data
  • Full CLEM support